Exchange is New York’s first and only fully automated real time drink market, where the prices for your favorite drinks fluctuate depending on supply and demand! Watch a while when no one is ordering your favorite drink snag it when the cost falls to unbelievable lows—or use your leverage to jack up the price of any cocktail, drink, or shot for the whole bar. Or wait. . . and with a little insider information. . . catch the Market Crash when every drink in the bar hits rock bottom (all beers for $2, all drinks $3, and even top shelf for $4)

Below the ticker, we have loads of wide-screen tvs, cold drafts and drinks, and seriously delicious food. Exchange Bar is the grown-up Sports bar Third Avenue has been waiting for. 4 huge TVs show all the games and a giant projection screen put you in the action.

Grab your draft and lounge on our sleek granite bar, or head onto our outdoor seating and enjoy the gorgeous summer. Comfortable tables in the back set you up for a fun lunch or dinner with friends.