Chicken Club:  triple decker club with grilled chicken, spring greens, cherry tomatoes and crisp bacon. Served on toasted bread with a chipotle aioli spread

Exchange Benedict: our revamped take on the brunch classic. 2 eggs cooked to perfection in ham cups atop of toasted ciabatta drizzled in our special hollandaise sauce served with a side salad with homemade lemon herb vinaigrette

Croque Monsieur:  beautifully cured ham with melted cheese inside of a toasted ciabatta bread

Savory Crepe: this golden delight has spinach and your choice of cheese, and topped with caramelized red onion served with a side salad or 3 strips of crisp bacon

Market style Frittata: brimming with eggs, potato and bacon, a substantial dish that is deliciously served with a side salad

Bully Bacon Cups: these small cups pack a flavor full punch filled with plum tomatoes, sour cream, fresh herbs, topped with tomato basil spread served with choice of grilled black pepper polenta or side salad

Hedge Yumm: the lighter side of brunch. Crunchy zucchini filled with signature roasted tomato and topped with your choice of cheese served with side salad

Capitol Stock Wrap: grilled chicken wrap with sundried tomato basil spread, fresh spring greens, melted cheese, cherry tomatoes and chipotle aioli served in a flour wrap

Grilled Chicken Salad: grilled chicken atop a bed of spring greens and roasted tomatoes served with lemon vinaigrette dressing

3 Eggs Any Style: prepared just the way you like them.