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The Best 4 Burner Gas Grills in 2020

A four-burner gas grill is an option for those who cook a lot and need much more space.

Keep in mind that four burners use much more fuel, so you should carefully think about whether you need that many of them. When choosing a gas grill with a high number of burners, it’s a good idea to consider which fuel version to choose (propane or natural gas).

The best 4 burner gas grill is one that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind, though, that you can't expect miracles from the cheapest options. If you care about the price then go for simplicity but if you have a bigger budget then I suggest you get something better.

The diversity of offers and the price range are very surprising which is why I picked several options for every occasion and budget for you.



Cooking Space


weber genesis II E-435

Best Overall

Weber Genesis II E-435

844 total sq. in.

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill

Budget Pick

Char-Broil Performance 4-burner

575 total sq. in.

Weber Summit S-470

Upgrade Pick

Weber Summit S-470

580 sq. in.

​Outdoor Gas Griddle Blackstone 36 inch

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Gas Griddle

570 sq. in.

The Best 4 Burner Gas Grills: Favorite Picks

Most manufacturers have a four-burner configuration in their offer, but you have to carefully analyze what you really need because the price range is really huge.

1. Best Overall Weber Genesis II E-435

I’ll start with a truly decent four-burner grill for decided people. The price is pretty high but what you get for that is worth it, especially if you cook a whole lot.

Weber Genesis II E-435 is an option for those who expect not only high quality of workmanship and space but also interesting features.

Besides the four main burners you also have a sear burner and a side burner at your disposal.

The burners are strong and efficient enough to make it possible to achieve evenly spread heat all over the surface. Large space also makes it possible to create many heat zones and cook diverse food at the same time.

Personally, I really like the sear burner, as it makes it possible for me to achieve great sear marks every time without much effort.

The Genesis II series is compatible with the separately sold iGrill 3 thermometer. It makes it possible to remotely monitor and control the temperature on the screen of your phone using a dedicated app.

The Weber grease draining system is perfect which make cleaning incredible simple and effective.

Hidden behind the front door in the center is a room for an aluminum tray that collects grease. You have an easy access to it and you can empty it any moment so you can see for yourself how simple it is.

One should also appreciate the appearance and functionality of the entire construction, the cabinet style is my favorite.


  • 10 year warranty
  • Sear + Side Burner
  • Huge cooking space
  • Features & Quality


  • High price for beginner

Large side shelves provide a lot of work space and come with tool hooks, and the space behind the door hides a lot of room to store accessories.

The Genesis II series means attention to detail which can be seen in the finish on the lid and the steel handle.

This model is available in two versions, propane or natural gas.

Large cooking area, solid and functional construction, great warranty, efficient burners, a sear burner and a side burner – all of that makes this my favorite 4 burner gas grill.

2. Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill

The next option is targeted at those with a very limited budget. It’s the best possible four-burner grill choice available at the lowest possible price.

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner is a very simple stainless steel grill that offers quite a lot of space (425 of the main cooking area).

The quality of workmanship is above the average in this price range, which is good news.

The burners may not be the best around but they work great at this kind of surface.

The side shelves provide a lot of work space, although I have my doubts regarding their quality and durability. One of them has a side burner hidden inside, it is nothing to write home about but it’s certainly going to come in handy when cooking.

A very important thing in every gas grill is the grease collection system that makes cleaning easier. On the back of the grill there’s a removable grease tray and bowl, which works pretty well in practice.


  • Price & Cooking Space
  • Decent quality for the money
  • Side burner


  • This is not a very durable grill

I have to warn you that investments of this type have to be treated as short-term ones, for a few years. If you expect high quality, functionality and durability then check out the several times more expensive Genesis II series from Weber.

Char-Broil, on the other hand, gives you decent quality and efficiency for this kind of money.

Trust me, with this kind of budget and size there’s no chance to get anything better. If your budget really is severely limited then this option should satisfy you.

3. Weber Summit S-470

This is something for you if you’re looking for a full option that comes with as many interesting gadgets, features and space as possible. Versatility and functionality are at a mega high level, allowing you to cook very diverse food.

Weber Summit S-470, thanks to its very high capacity, offers space for many interesting features.

The greatest advantage of this series, besides the quality of workmanship, is mega versatility. It comes with four main burners and four extra dedicated burners intended for specific purposes.

Such combination makes it possible to prepare very diverse food in many different ways at the same time.

The rotisserie burner, the smoker burner, the sear burner or the side burner encourage to experiment while cooking.

There’s a natural gas version available, it’s a good idea considering the number of burners and the potential fuel consumption.

The entire construction was adapted to the most convenient cooking possible. Large side shelves, a lot of hooks and storage room for accessories.


  • 4 main burners + 4 extra dedicated
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Features
  • High Quality


  • Price

Despite the basic version having a lot of interesting features, you can still upgrade your grill by using plenty of interesting accessories  (sold separately).

A mega advantage is all the different ways you can use this grill to prepare food.

Weber grills are associated with high quality and that is also the case here (you get 10 years of warranty).

Despite the very high price, I recommend this model for experienced people looking for new experiences, possibilities and a lot of fun when cooking.

4. Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Gas Griddle

I will confirm it right here that it is a gas griddle and not a typical grill that most of us are used to. Compared to a regular grill, it differs in having a flat plate instead of grill grates.

Despite that, I decided I will feature this model on my list as the last one and maybe someone will get interested in this type of grill.

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Gas Griddle comes with four independently controlled burners and offers a huge cooking area.

The outdoor griddle stands out with its simplicity, flat cooking plate and large capacity, which allows it to prepare food for a very large group of people (for that reason it is often used at parties or at restaurants).

The griddle gives entirely new possibilities for cooking that allow you to prepare a whole diverse meal that consists of meat and vegetables, for example.

Such large surface is great for grilling a large amount of wieners, hamburgers or even steaks. On the other hand, you can divide the areas by cooking meat, veggies, eggs or even pancakes at the same time.


  • 4 independently controlled burners
  • Built to last, efficient and durable
  • Cooking Space & Work Space


  • Price

The problem of grease was solved in a very simple and effective way. The adequately designed griddle comes with a hole in the upper part of the plate for grease to drip straight into a container that you can easily empty at any moment.

It’s a well thought-out and well-designed construction that also offers a whole lot of work space.

The outdoor griddle is an interesting variation of the regular grill, which is why I decided that it’s worth mentioning.

Buyer's Guide

Choosing a four-burner gas grill might be very problematic due to the very diverse choice. The amount of offers on the market is pretty huge, but to make choosing easier for you, I have limited my list to only four options.

Each of them is great, but if you have any problem choosing, I invite you to make yourself familiar with a few of my tips.

What to look for in a 4 burner gas grill

Budget – You need to know that the price difference is huge, which makes it better to define the budget right at the start to make the search easier.

Size – Four-burner grills may be big, of course, but the difference in capacity between different models is still huge. Analyze your needs so that you can best match the space to your requirements.

Fuel type – Such number of burners will burn a whole lot of fuel. The problem appears when you cook very much and often. When it comes to such big grills, almost every manufacturer offers two versions to choose from (propane or natural gas). If you don’t want to worry about refilling the tank often and are okay with lack of mobility, choose the natural gas version (especially if you have a gas line at home).

Features – A lot of solutions most certainly improves convenience and functionality. If the budget is not a problem then I encourage you to look for richer equipment. Personally I really like different kinds of burners such as a sear burner or a side burner as well as apps.

Warranty – Of course, like with every serious investment, when buying a new four-burner grill it is important to read the warranty. Luckily, most options in this price range come with a good warranty but it’s always better to make sure on the topic.

Which is best: natural gas or propane?

Both options are great but it all depends on the situation.

Propane grills provide you above all with mobility and don’t require you to install a gas line. From the moment you plug in a full propane tank, you can start cooking. A good solution if mobility is very important to you and if your grill doesn’t come with many burners or you don’t cook a lot. Otherwise, large fuel consumption will force you to frequently refill the propane tank.

Natural gas grills are above all convenience and slightly lower price depending on the local distributor. Sadly, the downside is lack of mobility and you can only use this grill in places with access to a natural gas line. If you want to have a large stationary grill with many burners then such option will be perfect. In such situation you don’t care about mobility and you get convenience by not having to worry about running out of fuel.