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The Best Built-In Grills for 2020

You can’t have an outdoor kitchen without a solid built in grill.

If you ask me, there’s no point cutting too many corners here, especially considering it is an investment for years to come. For that reason, I suggest buying a solid built in grill that may cost a little more but will serve you for much longer.

The quality of workmanship and efficiency are two very important aspects that you need to verify before buying a built in grill.

In this guide, I will help you choose the best option out of several best built in grills on the market.

Remember, what matters the most is quality, efficiency and functionality, and only then appearance. You also have to pay attention to the cooking area and number of burners or features, but more on that below.

The Best Built-In Grills for 2020

Out of a very large offer on the market, I only chose several different options for every situation for you. No matter what budget you have, I am sure that you will be able to find a perfect grill at a reasonable price.

1. Best Overall Bull Outdoor Products Angus

A very solidly made out of high quality materials built in grill. High quality stainless steel (grade 304) was used to make it.

It is pretty much made entirely of steel, even the tiniest elements.

Bull Outdoor Angus has 4 main burners and 810 square inches of cooking area. You need to know, though, that their offer features a few more sizes as well, which means that everyone can choose something for themselves.

The manufacturer claims whole 20 years of warranty for the very solidly made burners.

It is possible to choose between two available power sources (propane or natural gas).

On top of that, it comes with all the essential elements and features that guarantee great efficiency, versatility and comfort of cooking.

A thing that catches eye upon opening the lid is the lighting system, which comes in handy when it’s dark around.

Another noticeable thing is an entire rotisserie set available in the basic version (no need to buy it separately).


  • 20 years warranty for burners
  • Top quality
  • Size & Features


  • Price

There is also one more burner installed in the back that is used for cooking on the rotisserie.

It is definitely a suggestion for those who expect very high quality of workmanship. The price is high, yet fully adequate to the great quality and functionality.

2. Runner Up Lion Premium Grills 32"

Another great built in grill made of high-quality materials (grade 304 stainless steel) and with attention to detail.

Lion Premium Grills 32" has 5 burners including four main ones and the one installed in the back is an infrared rotisserie burner.

Upon opening the lid, you will see solid steel grill grates plus lighting. The entire cooking area is 830 square inches.

When divided between the four main burners, it gets you four pretty huge, independently controlled cooking zones.

It makes it possible to cook many different things at the same time on a single grill.

When buying this grill, you also get such gadgets as an entire rotisserie set, a smoker box, a griddle or a cover.

The construction made entirely of stainless steel ensures durability and great appearance.


  • Decent quality
  • Size
  • Features


  • Price

The burner efficiency ensures evenly spread heat, whereas all the other features and gadgets improve the convenience and versatility.

Lion Premium Grills is a solid brand that is renowned among the customers.

3. Best Mid-Range Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500

My last suggestion is directed towards those with a more limited budget.

Napoleon Grills Built-in Prestige 500 is a solidly built, durable and very efficient grill. The reason behind a much lover price is the slightly smaller size and cost-cutting on less significant elements.

The main construction is made of high-quality stainless steel, whereas some of the elements were made of plastic. 

If you don’t care as much about the appearance as about the quality of workmanship and efficiency, there is no problem here.

It has 760 square inches of cooking area plus four main burners.

Of course it also comes with a rear-mounted infrared burner that is used with the rotisserie.

A very interesting thing is the grill grates of an unorthodox shape, which is meant to improve the sear marks on the surface of your food.

Built-in Prestige 500 comes with all the essentials of a multifunctional outdoor kitchen. Some of the minor elements were made of cheaper materials, but the main construction and efficiency were taken care of.


  • Price
  • Back-mounted infrared burner


  • Plastic elements

It has an adequate number of burners, a lot of cooking area, a rotisserie burner and a solid construction, and all of that at a reasonable price.

What to look for in a built in grill

Don’t know what to focus on? Below I have presented several key aspects to keep in mind. Familiarize yourself with them if you want to avoid disappointment due to a poorly chosen grill that won’t actually live up to your expectations.

Budget – First and foremost, specify your budget and stop wasting your time analyzing every offer. Built in grills are among the very expensive ones, and the price range itself is large enough to create several separate price categories. Based on that, I have picked several options available at different prices for you.

Size – Another step is to analyze how often you cook and how much space the grill is supposed to take. Take into account how many people you are going to cook for and all types of parties that are usually attended by way more people.

Number of burners – It highly depends on the grill’s size but that’s not the way you should analyze this. The number of burners is actually the number of independently controlled cooking zones. If you cook a lot of food of many different types then a large number of burners will be a much more convenient solution for you.

Quality and material – Depending on the budget, you can expect different types of materials used to build the grill. For example, much cheaper options have minor elements with plastic finishings. Pay attention to the grade of stainless steel the entire construction was made of (the top quality is 304 grade stainless steel).

Features –You want versatility? Plenty of grills offer such features as sear burner, rotisserie burner, internal lighting and much more. Most of them only improve the convenience, which is why you should think your choice over carefully. The more gadgets, the higher the price, which people with a limited budget should pay attention to.

Style – An outdoor kitchen needs to look good as well and even though it has no impact on the grill’s efficiency, it is important for it to match the surroundings. The finishing of minor elements is very important here.