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The Best Camping Grills for 2020

A camping ground is a place where it’s difficult to prepare diverse food fast and easily due to lack of adequate tools. With the right camping grill, you can prepare delicious food easily and conveniently.

You may not know it, but there’s a lot of very interesting grills designed mainly with cooking away from home in mind. Grills of this type have a construction adapted to easy transport and are built to survive even the harshest conditions.

I have prepared a list for you of the few best camping grills that have all the essential features useful when camping or being anywhere away from home.

There’s a lot of important aspects to pay attention to before choosing a good camping grill, which is why I have also prepared a vast guide for beginners in the second part of the article.

Comparison Table


Cooking Space

Fuel Type


weber q 2200

Best Overall

Weber Q2200

280 total sq. in.


Coleman RoadTrip 285

Runner Up

Coleman RoadTrip 285

285 total sq. in.


Blackstone Table Top Grill

Blackstone Table Top Grill

260 sq. in.


Weber Go-Anywhere

Weber Go Anywhere

570 sq. in.


Lodge L410

Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman



Weber Jumbo Joe

Weber Jumbo Joe

240 sq. in.


The 6 Best Camping Grills for 2020

Cooking away from home can be really convenient and effective as long as you have the right equipment. There are many types of camping grills which is why you should choose your preferred source of heat first, then you can look into the other options.

1. Best Overall Weber Q2200

My favorite grill when it comes to cooking away from home, with an obligatory Q portable Cart sold separately. Sadly, the total price is quite a lot so it’s not a very attractive offer at the first glance in this regard.

All doubts related to the price, however, are compensated by the quality of workmanship, efficiency, functionality and durability.

Together with Q Portable Cart this grill becomes the king of camping, being a versatile device that doesn’t differ much from a full-size grill.

Weber Q2200 offers whole 280 inches of cooking area, that’s an impressive result considering that it’s a mobile grill. It is definitely enough to prepare food for a bigger number of people.

It only has one yet very strong burner, which actually allows to achieve a high temperature very fast ( and evenly ).

You should definitely buy a Q Portable Cart which is a foldable stand, it doesn’t take much space when folded while after unfolding it provides convenience and working space like in a full-sized grill.

Efficiency and functionality are not the only upsides I love this grill for. I really value the quality of workmanship, which surprised me a lot, and is also confirmed by 5 years of warranty from Weber.

Sadly, the downside of typical camping grills is the limitation when preparing meals, they are great for grilling but it’s hard to prepare some complex meal with potatoes, eggs etc. A griddle is a must, which is luckily sold separately, but at an adequate extra charge.


  • Efficient and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Stand sold separately

Despite the large price it is a phenomenal grill that will work great when camping.

If you’re looking for something solid then I really recommend you this model, there is also a smaller Q1000 version ( 189 square inches ), which is much lighter and more mobile.

2. Runner Up Coleman RoadTrip 285

My next suggestion certainly has the integrated stand working in its favor, as you don’t have to pay extra for it.

A great camping grill that is perfect for cooking away from home, the structure is designed in a way that maximizes convenience on a trip.

It is also one of the few portable grills that strongly remind of cooking on a full-sized grill.

Coleman Roadtrip 285 can turn into a grill with a stand within a few seconds and once you’re done cooking you can fold it again into something that looks like a suitcase on wheels.

When folded, it doesn’t take space and can be conveniently transported thanks to the wheels.

It offers whole 285 square inches of cooking area, it will easily meet the expectations of even a large group of people, for a camping grill the surface is really impressive.

It is equipped with 3 independently controlled burners that make it possible to create different heat zones. Three burners turned on at the same time allow to achieve the right temperature in a very short time.

An interesting option is the ability to replace the grill grates with a griddle which will certainly come in handy when camping, allowing to prepare much more interesting meals ( the griddle is sold separately ).

Coleman Roadtrip 285 is also pretty expensive but all the features, size and the type of structure make it another great suggestion not only in terms of grilling when camping, but also at any kind of trip.


  • Price
  • Cooking Space
  • 3 burners, warms up fast
  • An integrated stand


  • The quality of elements is not very high
  • The grease tray access is difficult
  • Lower quality wheels

Three burners plus such a big surface make it a very efficient camping grill reminiscent of a pretty standard grill that you know from your own backyard.

3. Blackstone Table Top Grill

This time a tabletop grill that works great in places like camping grounds. You’re looking for something very small yet very efficient and versatile? 

This suggestion will definitely satisfy you, actually offering quite a lot of space for food.

Blackstone 17" Gas Griddle is not a typical grill you know from home, however, instead of grill grated the food lies on a griddle.

It is not a problem, though, when it comes to preparing most of the food you know from a standard grill.

What you gain, however, is quite a versatility as the griddle works great for  preparing versatile food ( a whole dinner ). You can for example fry eggs, tiny vegetables, different additions and of course bigger pieces of meat.

Without a doubt, a very large advantage of Blackstone grill is its simple and mobile structure in a shape of a can. There aren’t many elements here which makes it a durable and rarely malfunctioning grill that is perfect for camping.

Once you’re done cooking, all you have to do is empty the grease tray on the front and flip the top upside down to save some space.

The griddle with an area of 260 square inches is evenly heated by one yet perfectly placed burner. Thanks to the clever placement the plate heats up incredibly fast and what is most important, evenly.

The source of power is propane from small bottles that don’t weight much and are very convenient to transport.


  • Quality
  • Cooking Space
  • Portable & Simple Construction
  • Very easy to clean


  • In practice, this is not a typical grill (with grill grates)

If you think about very diverse food then I think that it is the best camping grill available on the market at this kind of price. My previous suggestions are great but they cost a lot and require buying griddles separately in order to be as versatile as the tabletop grill from Blackstone.

If you prefer typical grilling, though, then sadly this is not a choice for you.

4. Weber Go Anywhere

Number one on this list when it comes to mobility and low weight. It is lightweight enough for you to carry it around in one hand when on a longer trip. On top of that, the interesting structure significantly improves convenience during transport.

Weber Go-Anywhere comes with steel legs that lock the lid in place when folded, ensuring secure transport. With the legs folded, the grill looks like a box with a handle on top, such structure is very easy to transport.

When it comes to camping, such grill doesn’t take much space and is very lightweight, but it’s still enough for 1-2 people.

On top of that, it has no side handles, which makes it difficult to move a hot grill into a different spot when cooking.

Another downside to me is the pretty small distance between the grill grates and the ground.

You have to be really careful and watch the food when cooking or else it will burn due to the temperature being too hot. Experience suggests to use a small amount of charcoal but the temperature is still pretty hot.

Weber Go Anywhere is a great portable charcoal grill as long as you accept its several flaws. It’s a choice for those who mostly value weight, size, price and food’s flavor.

One has to admit that its price is very attractive, and the very lightweight structure is great if the priority is weight, small size and mobility.


  • Incredibly easy to carry along
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • The weight


  • Small distance of the hot charcoal from the grates

In my view it’s a good grill to occasionally cook on for 1-2 people, I’d advise against it if you plan to cook a lot and often while away from home – it is definitely not the most convenient and most efficient camping grill on the market.

5. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman

This time it’s a slightly niche hibachi style charcoal grill which means a cast-iron grill that is great for cooking away from home.

Its greatest advantage is possibly the durability, cast-iron is resistant to rust ( it doesn’t get into the material ) which guarantees many years of problem-free use.

Lodge Grill is small-sized and doesn’t take much place but due to the cast-iron it is pretty heavy.

The height of the grill grates is adjustable in relation to the hearth but the temperature is still a little hot which means you have to watch the food ( an upside is the speed of cooking ).

It’s a great grill for cooking steaks, sausages, chicken breast etc.

Sadly, it is not versatile enough to prepare a diverse meal, which means it won’t be the best choice for camping.

If you only care about grilling the basics, though, then you certainly won’t be disappointed in this regard. I’d like to remind that the source of heat is charcoal, which gives a great smoky flavor of food.

Another major downside is the fact that cast-iron holds heat very well which means it needs a lot of time to cool down. There’s usually time for that when camping, though, if you only park your car for a while then it might be a problem.


  • Durable
  • Small
  • Draft Door for regulating heat
  • Uses less charcoal


  • The cast iron takes longer to heat up
  • The cast iron takes long to cool down
  • Requires cleaning and seasoning

Another downside might be the price, which is relatively high compared to other competitive offers. Considering the durability and results, though, I still believe that it is a grill worth your attention. I know that plenty of people like hibachi style grills so I featured it on my list as well.

6. Weber Jumbo Joe

A small weber kettle in a portable version, compact and lightweight – perfect on the road or when camping.

Contrary to a popular belief, it has a lot of space so it will live up to the expectation of a group of few people without a problem.

Jumbo Joe is also a great alternative to a full-sized kettle if you mostly cook for yourself. That way it uses much less charcoal, reaches the right temperature faster and takes less time to clean.

The structure of Jumbo Joe maintains most qualities of a standard kettle including the most important one, which is the air flow.

Proper adjustment of air flow is the key to temperature control in charcoal grills. On top of that, the structure’s shape and the placement of the grill grates mean the meat is placed perfectly ( not too close to the hot charcoal ).

Of course on the top of the lid you will find a handle but what I really liked is the lock that allows to hold the lid in place which is useful during transport.

So if you love the smoky flavor of meat from a charcoal grill then it’s the number one for camping in this category. The structure of this small kettle is characterized by great control of air flow which allows for an easy temperature control.


  • Price
  • Grilling Area
  • Efficiency similar to a full-sized grill
  • Lightweight & portable


  • Vertically tight (shallow space inside the grill)

On top of that, it is a very solidly built and durable grill that is malfunction-free and what is most important, available at a very convenient price.

Buyer's Guide

I admit that my suggestions are slightly diverse which is why I have prepared a few tips for those who are still not convinced about which of the camping grills will be the best for them.

Make use of my experience and take a look at the most important aspects when choosing a grill of this type.

Remember there are many types of camping grills, and each of them has its downsides that you have to learn about if you want to avoid disappointment.

How did I pick the best ones ?

I deal with every type of grill so I know all the small-sized grills available on the market. When creating my list of suggestions, I followed many criteria.

First of all, the most important thing is the type of structure, also important is the price and its relation to quality. Then I checked the quality of workmanship, durability and warranty and of course the extra features, if there were any.

When traveling, a grill is at risk of damages, which makes it important for it to be solid. It is also very important for the grill’s structure to be designed with transport and grilling away from home in mind.

For that purpose I chose grills with a full structure ( stand, side shelves etc ). So that the grill doesn’t take much space when folded and so the whole procedure ( assembly ) doesn’t take much time.

How I test ?

I got a chance to personally test all the grills on this list and I know exactly what each of them has to offer. I also have to admit that I have most of them in my garage and use them regularly depending on the situation.

I really like to travel and it is very common for me to spend a few days away from home, like when camping or being anywhere without a standard kitchen and household conditions.

That way I found out exactly what a camping grill should be like and I found a lot of interesting models that work great in such conditions.

Type of fuel

When choosing a camping grill, you have to take many things into account when it comes to the type of fuel/power. If you want a reliable camping grill that will manage when all the other devices fail then go for a charcoal type of camping grill. It is reliable in pretty much any conditions and gives the best taste of food.

When deciding to get a gas camping grill, you have to take into account the fact that you need small bottles of propane as a source of fuel. They don’t weight that much, you have to remember about them and know how long one small bottle will last.

When choosing a camping pellet smoker you have to get ready for a larger weight and a supply of pellets. On top of that you need to remember about the necessary source of electricity to start this grill which won’t always be easy when away from home.

Last but not least is the electric grill, which requires a constant source of electricity which isn’t always easy to get. With the right accessories and cables, you can hook such grill into a car battery, for example.

What to Look for in a Camping Grill

  • Size – A lot depends on the size, it mostly impacts mobility and weight. But the bigger the grill, the more food you can prepare, so make a careful analysis of what you want the most. Weigh, size or cooking surface – about 200 square inches is big enough to properly prepare food for a few people.
  • Type – I have already mentioned the upsides and downsides of the types of power above. Make an analysis of which type of grill will be the best for you, it’s down to personal taste but personally the number one for me is charcoal and then gas.
  • Assembly – How much time it takes to assemble the grill until it’s ready to use – pay attention to that. There’s a lot of important things to do when camping, don’t let the grill assembly end up on the list of time-consuming tasks. Plenty of models are already ready to use after just about a dozen seconds.
  • Handles/folded stand etc – It is very important when planning to conveniently move around with the grill. The right structure will make it fast and easy to assemble the grill so that it takes much less space. It’s a good thing for a grill to have handles that allow to conveniently carry it around in your hand. Not all models have an extra stand, it’s a good thing to consider if you want grilling to be like on a full-sized grill back home.
  • Warranty – A grill used away from home is at risk of many dangers both during the transport and at the camping site itself. Besides being durable and solidly built, a camping grill should also have a good warranty.
  • Temperature control – You want to forget about monitoring temperature? Pick a pellet, gas or electric camping grill if you want to grill comfortably without worrying about temperature control.
  • Safety and limitations – Make sure what type of grill is allowed at the place where you’re going to. Not all places allow to use a charcoal grill for example, which means it’s better to have an alternative type of grill.