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The Best Gas Grills for 2020

One year ago I bought a gas grill for more than 200$ which appeared to be a flop after a few months, I thought, ohh well, it happens. Next I bought a more expensive grill which came to me a little damaged, I had it replaced and after a few months it also was unsuitable for use.

There were dozens of models produced so I decided to deeply analyze my next decision after I lost nearly 1000$ bucks.

At this moment I decided that there is no objective site which will present the sufficient information about the best grills so I took the issue into my hands and created this website.

Years of grilling and the discussion with my friends I came to a conclusion that I will present you reviews which include a ratio of quality versus price.

Based on my research and grills reviews, the 6 best gas grills are:

  1. Best Overall: Weber Spirit II E-310
  2. Best Upgrade Pick: Weber Genesis II E-335
  3. Best Budget Pick: Char-Broil Performance 300
  4. Best Luxury & Versatile : Weber Summit S-470
  5. Best Simple Upgrade: Weber Genesis II E-310
  6. Best Portable Pick: Weber Q1200

If you are pondering the purchase of a gas grill, but have no idea where to begin, don’t worry! With the many choices currently on the market, I am here to make sure you find one that fits your needs, preferences, and budget.

This buyer’s guide is designed to give you a range of options with a variety of prices, styles, and features to choose from.

ebg-table__image Weber Spirit II E-310
  • Main Space: 424 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 105 sq. in.
  • BTU: 30000
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__image Weber Genesis II E-335
  • Main Space: 513 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 156 sq. in.
  • BTU: 39000
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__image Char-Broil Performance 300
  • Main Space: 300 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 100 sq. in.
  • BTU: 24000
  • Burners: 2
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ebg-table__image Weber Summit S-470
  • Main Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 112 sq. in.
  • BTU: 48800
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__image Weber Genesis II E-310
  • Main Space: 513 sq. in.
  • Rack Space:156 sq. in.
  • Burners: 3
  • BTU: 37500
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ebg-table__image Weber Q1200
  • Main Space: 189 sq. in.
  • BTU: 8500
  • Burners: 1
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The 6 Best Gas Grills 2020

You will find a whole lot of different gas grills on the market, but they differ in quality of workmanship, features, size and most of all the price. I have selected the few best options for you and I am sure that one of them will turn out to be the best gas grill for you.

1. Best Overall - Weber Spirit II E-310

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is equipped with very high quality strong burners that warm up the total of 529 square inches of the cooking area ( including the basic cooking area of 429 square inches and the heated rack with 105 square inches ). It is absolutely enough area to cook food for 4-6+ people.

Weber guarantees high quality by giving a 10 year warranty on all the elements of this grill. That’s the best proof and the reason for you to buy this grill.

Weber Spirit II E 310 comes with plenty of technologies that so far have only been available in the more expensive Weber Genesis series.

Like the Gs4 grilling system or iGrill3, for example.

Different kinds of systems and technologies improve the comfort and convenience, but remember that the most important thing is the efficiency of a grill. The burners in Weber Spirit II E-310 work great, they warm up the grill very fast, the knobs make the temperature control very easy which is not a standard when it comes to most other gas grills.

Food is cooked very well and, what is most important, evenly.

Sadly, nothing is perfect, considering the technologies present in this grill and all the different solutions one has to wonder about the particular price of this grill. It is undoubtedly a structure that will last for very long, if you have any doubts just check out the 10 year warranty on all the elements.

But I’d like to point out few elements of secondary importance that are sadly inferior compared to the previous series.


  • The technology
  • 10 year warranty on all the elements
  • Great at warming up and holding the temperature


  • Thin lid

First of all, the grill’s lid is much thinner than in the previous series where we had a thick and sturdy lid. Secondly, the side shelves and plastic knobs are of slightly poorer quality as well. I’d say that was the middle ground the Weber manufacturers had to settle for when wanting to offer a gas grill that is durable, equipped with interesting technology and for a decent price too.

If you ask me, they pulled that off pretty well, despite few tiny imperfections. Of course the flaws that I mentioned are visible but does it have a significant impact on the durability? I think it doesn’t – if you have any doubts then let me remind you once again about the 10 year warranty on all the elements.

We’ll see what time shows, but for now it is undoubtedly a challenger for the position of the top gas grill. It has a big enough cooking area, an iGrill3 thermometer and timer, the Gs4 grilling system, three burners that make it possible to create areas of different temperatures and cook indirectly, a selection of four colors and many other advantages, topped with a ten year warranty on all the elements.

All of that for a completely reasonable price, the grill is definitely worth its money. The systems and technologies present in this grill have only been available in much more expensive grills so far.

2. Best Upgrade - Weber Genesis II E-335

Finally, with the start of the year, Weber presented a new, refreshed Genesis II series that differs a lot from the previous one right from the first glance. 

It is clear that Weber took all the opinions on their previous series very seriously as the new Genesis II series comes with everything that most of us were expecting for a long time.

Right at the start I’d like to remind that the Genesis II E-335 model offers 513 square inches of the main cooking area, complete with three main burners.

If that’s not enough for you, check out its bigger version, Weber Genesis II E-435 – a bigger model that offers whole 646 square inches of the main cooking area heated by whole 4 efficient burners.

First of all, let me start with the construction, as you may remember, the previous version of Genesis had an open construction as is the case now with the Spirit II series. This time the premium Genesis II E-335 model brought back the old design, which was characterized by an enclosed cabinet with front door. Not only does it look much better to many people, but is much more practical and meets the expectations of those who really spend a lot of money buying this model.

Located behind the front door are two little shelves, first of them is at the level of the dripping tray next to it, where you won’t find much space, whereas below the dripping tray there’s a second, more spacious shelf that will fit a lot of your accessories.

Is it all?

Of course not – there has been voices of criticism for some time now about a model this expensive lacking a side burner.

This changed with the new series, the new Genesis II series comes with a side burner hidden under the lid on the side shelf so you can use the free space for working when not using the side burner. On top of that, another solution was introduced for enthusiasts of sear marks on their steak or hamburger, I’m talking about the sear burner, which comes with its own knob.


  • Sear Station, Side Burner, GS4 Grilling System & iGrill3 ( sold separately ) 
  • Very solid grill with Generous 10 years Warranty
  • Big Cooking Space & Front Doors
  • Available in many colors


  • Relatively expensive but totally worth the price

On top of that, by default Genesis II E-335 was equipped with the GS4 grilling system, high quality grill grates, and very strong and durable burners that have been the best on the market for years now.

For this kind of price it is really a great product that on top of that is also covered with whole 10 years of warranty.

Therefore my hat goes off to the Weber brand, which for years now has been aiming to provide the best products possible and always listens to their customers.

Personally, I am very pleased with what I can see in the Genesis II E335 model and I know that you will be satisfied too. Once again, the new Genesis II series proves why it is better than the Spirit II series and most of gas grills available on the market.

The same model took an equally high place in my guide to the best natural gas grills.

3. Best Budget - Char-Broil Performance 300

Another good cheap gas grill, not very popular and in my opinion unappreciated. A grill in a lower price range, the main cause of the lower price is its size.

A small gas grill that was actually very well-made despite what you may think. I’d say it’s a great choice for a really small family, a couple, a single person or for those with limited space. It is worth remarking that the quality is really high here, especially relative to the price.

A very good alternative to big full-sized grills ( which usually cost at least twice as much ), it is characterized by good quality of workmanship, efficiency and durability. It warms up fast, relatively evenly and holds heat well.

The cooking area is 300 square inches ( can hold 16 burgers ). The heat under the grates is generated by two burners that can produce 24,000-BTU. Besides that, it is also equipped with an electronic ignition that allows to start the grill quickly and reliably.

The grates are made of cast iron and coated with porcelain. They hold heat well and prevent food from sticking to the grates.

You’re wondering what happens to the grease during cooking?

Char-Broil Performance 300 is equipped with a simple solution that allows to get rid of grease quickly and easily. I’m talking here about the Removable Grease Pan – a simple removable grease tray ( the tray was coated with porcelain ).

It comes with foldable metal side shelves that are very useful when cooking as well as a compartment where you can keep the propane tank.

The stylish steel lid is also equipped with a temperature reader, which allows you to reliably control the temperature.

The assembly is relatively easy and doesn’t take much time ( about an hour ).


  • Very good size for a small family
  • Removable grease tray ( makes it easier to clean )


  • Small
  • Price

In conclusion, a great choice for a decent price for a small family or those with a small patio/backyard. A perfect size for preparing smaller meals for a couple or a single person. It happens a lot of times that someone buys a big grill with several burners and never really gets to use its possibilities to the fullest due to having a small family.

Definitely a good quality for this kind of money.

Of course, as always, I recommend getting a cover, especially when it comes to the grills in a lower price range. That way you will definitely extend the durability of such grill by protecting it from the harmful external factors.

Char-Broil is the leader in the budget gas grill category, for a decent price you can get a really good grill that will live up to your expectations when cooking.

4. High End Pick - Weber Summit S-470

The Weber Summit S-470 series from Weber is their best product that they have in their offer. 

It is packed with a very high number of features and solutions that you won’t find in other grills.

Obviously, it’s a gas grill for those with really thick wallets, but when you look upon the number of features and the quality of workmanship, you’ll realize why it costs so much. It’s an investment for years to come for those who don’t mind spending a lot on a grill.

Plenty of great features, large cooking area, good durability and great efficiency.

The grill’s chamber was made of cast aluminum which means that it’s durable and efficient. Under the chamber you will find grill grates, ( you have three types of grates to choose from, porcelain, steel or cast-iron ). Very large cooking area allows to prepare meals for a large group of people ( 580 square inches ).

Big number of burners to choose from ( total of 8 ), let’s start with the most important ones. The main cooking area is heated by the 4 main burners. Besides that, you also have the following:

Sider Burner (12,000 BTU-per-hour )  – they are located on the grill’s side shelf, hidden under a lid that you can open or close any time.

Sear Station burner (10,600 BTU-per-hour ) – what is this? An efficient Sear Burner can quickly reach a high temperature in one place. A very useful feature when cooking, if you want to quickly sear the surface of, say, a steak.

Smoker burner & stainless steel smoker box – Smoker Box is located directly over the burner, all you have to do is add some wood chips to the smoker box, and then turn the burner’s knob in order to start it. After few minutes, the warmed up box and the wood chips will start to produce smoke which will enrich your food’s flavor.

Rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner ( 10,600 BTU with full kit )

LED fuel gauge ( the propane version only ) and a built-in thermometer on the grill’s lid.


  • A lof of Features
  • Top Quality
  • Big Space & Efficiency


  • High Price

The Summit series is very versatile, you can cook food directly over the burner or use the smoker box and the indirect method for slower turkey cooking.

Of course you can see Weber grills everywhere, plenty of people think that those grills’ fame comes from marketing and that they are overpriced which is why they don’t like them, but if you see in person what those grills are like, what they are made of and how they work, I’m sure you won’t have much reason to complain ( the most common problem is price ).

So let’s move on to the conclusion, Weber Summit S-470 is one of the most expensive grills, but it is worth its price. If you’re someone who loves cooking on the grill and have a bigger wallet, I can definitely recommend this grill. It offers plenty of different burners and features that significantly increase the convenience and comfort of cooking. Large cooking area makes it possible to prepare pretty much whatever you want for a large group of people.

The last argument is the manufacturer’s full 10 year warranty. If you want a very efficient and durable gas grill for many years then look no more, buy this model. The offer also includes an even bigger model that is great when you need to make food for a really big group of people.

5. Simple Upgrade - Weber Genesis II E-310

Read full review

A suggestion for those more demanding who value quality and functionality. You prefer the Weber Genesis II version with an open construction?

It will allow you to save some money compared to the version with front door, whereas the rest of the grill will remain the same.

Weber Genesis II E-310 comes with three very strong and efficient burners that will quickly and effectively heat up the 513 square inches of the main cooking area ( plus 156 square inches of the heated rack ).

The GS4 grilling system ensures efficiency, convenience and most of all the best possible results of grilling (Flavorizer Bars and Grease Management system ).

The folding side shelves with integrated hooks and the space under the grill, on the other hand, provide a lot of space to work and to store accessories.

All of that was covered with the best manufacturer’s warranty on the grill market. I’m talking about whole 10 years of warranty which is truly great news for everyone who spends more money on a grill. It proves how high-quality this model is and how seriously Weber takes their products.

Personally, I really like this model, it comes with everything that’s needed and is really well-built. I wish it had a little more features and gadgets, though, luckily the new year brought a lot of changes in the Weber’s offer.

This year, the Genesis series got upgraded, which brought few changes. The Genesis II E-330 model was introduced, which at the first glance looks identical but when you take a closer look, you will notice a few new things.


  • iGrill 3
  • GS4 Grilling System ( 10 year warranty )
  • Construction - style & quality


  • Price

Most of all, a strong side burner was introduced that is hidden under the lid, as well as a sear station burner. So as you can see, two features were introduced that we all wanted to have for a long time, plus few aesthetic elements were changed.

All those changes caused the Genesis II series to stand out among others again, especially the last year’s Spirit II, which I am personally very happy about.

Weber Genesis II E-310 is a simple model that relies on simplicity, quality and most of all efficiency and results of grilling.

6. Best Portable - Weber Q1200 + Cart

It couldn’t go without a suggestion for those who value mobility and versatility, especially away from home.

If you travel a lot, spend your time camping, live in the city or simply don’t have much space, this is a perfect option for you.

Weber Q1200 was built with using in difficult conditions in mind, which means its structure differs a lot from a full-sized grill.

Truly a lot of important aspects were taken into account, which allowed to create such solid and durable structure ( the main body was made of cast aluminum ).

It only hides a single burner under the lid but don’t let that fool you, it is very strong and on the surface of 189 square inches it works great ( it is also available in several bigger sizes if the Q1200 version is too small for you ).

What makes it stand out, on top of compatibility, is the quality of workmanship and durability. It’s a solidly built grill that can withstand a lot even away from home ( it comes with many years of warranty ).

A huge advantage are the solid porcelain grill grates that ensure experience and results like with a full-sized grill.

I seriously encourage you to buy a Q portable cart if you want to 100% benefit from this grill. Sadly, this accessory is sold separately, but it’s really worth buying for better mobility and convenience.

It runs on small propane tanks which makes a difference when traveling but if you want it to be a more stationary grill then buy a special adapter for a larger propane tank.

I picked Weber Q1200 due to quality, durability, efficiency and mega versatility.


  • Efficient and durable ( aluminum casting )
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility & Easy to clean


  • A little too heavy ( most suitable for cars )

There is no denial that it’s a grill made for very active people who want to be able to cook in many different places.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gas Grill

Before I get started with my top pick reviews, I’d like to share with you some vital information when considering the purchase of a gas grill.

To begin, don’t purchase the first grill that catches your eye! It is easy to be swayed towards one due to appearance, cost or perhaps features. However, looking around and comparing products using these factors will help you come to a wise decision.

If you don’t know where to start, assure yourself that the grill you select has the following features:

  • The place to grill – you have to think very thoroughly about where you’re going to cook on your grill. This is what the size of the grill you’re going to buy will depend on. If you wish to cook on a camping ground or in a park, then you need to see check my buyer’s guide for best portable grills. If you’re going to be grilling in your own backyard, though, the best choice will obviously be a full-sized stationary gas grill.
  • The size – Obviously the people with a large terrace or patio have the luxury of not having to worry about the limitations arising from having a smaller space. Let’s assume that you need a full-sized model, in that case you have to take your backyard’s size into account, so that the new grill can perfectly fit into your space. People with a very limited area should pay attention to the side shelves, in plenty of cases they are foldable which gives you a little more space in your surroundings when not using the grill.
  • How many people you cook for – A very important question that has two key aspects tied to it that you absolutely have to consider. What I’m talking about is the size of the grill and the cooking area size. You need a grill for a small family or for bigger parties? Small gas grills are just big enough for 2-4 people, which of course doesn’t mean we won’t be able to serve a party for 8 people using those. It will just be much more difficult, a smaller cooking area will require better management on our part and not all guests will get their food at the same time. Therefore if you mostly cook for 2-4 people you should pick a medium sized or small grill. If you throw many parties or cook for a bigger number of people, pick a large grill, which will simply be more convenient.
  • What you want to cook -  The size of a grill brings certain limitations, a small gas grill with two burners comes with slightly smaller options. That’s why a medium sized or large grill is preferred, which has a lot more space to offer, thus allowing to cook many different kinds of food. If you’re planning to cook such things as a whole chicken, turkey or beef ribs, you’re going to need a bigger grill. On the other hand, if you’re only planning to cook smaller pieces of food such as steaks, hamburgers, fish, vegetables or chicken wings then a smaller grill will be just enough for you.
  • Multiple Burners – To have a successful cookout, you want to be sure your grill has at least two burners. Don’t bother with any model that only include one burner since you won’t achieve an even heat distribution with anything fewer than two. The more burners your grill includes, the better! It is the best for a gas grill to have at least 3 burners, such number allows to cook using the indirect heat cooking method. That way you can slowly smoke meat such as ribs or a roast using the grill. A bigger number of burners also allows to create areas of different temperatures.
  • Quality – A high-quality grill should last you several years. The better ones on the market are usually made from stainless steel, cast aluminum or brass. These materials are corrosion-resistant and built from heavy gauge materials to last consumers a long time. If you notice that your grill is poorly made, don’t bother purchasing it as it will let you down within a couple of years.
  • Lid – This may seem like common sense, however, many grills (including expensive ones) may not come with a lid. This limits the type of cooking you do drastically as you’ll want a lid to keep foods warm and achieve better results.
  • Grates – The heavier they are, the better and more durable they are, heavier grates can hold more heat for a longer time. Another important thing is the space between the grate bars being small enough, make sure that your grates don’t have their bars too far apart. That way you will limit the risk of smaller pieces of food falling under the grates. Cast-iron or steel grates? You will find a detailed answer to that question in this post. Steel grates are easier to clean, don’t require maintenance and cool down faster. Cast-iron grates hold heat much better, but they require regular maintenance in order to avoid corrosion. If you ask me, the best choice is porcelain enameled cast-iron grates, which are characterized by being two-sided.
  • Innovative technology – This is something for those with bigger wallets since gas bbq grills equipped with all kinds of technologies are much more expensive. Remember that most technologies are there to increase the convenience of using your grill or are just regular gadgets. Different manufacturers offer different innovative patents and systems that increase the convenience of using the grill. For example, there’s the GS4 grilling system that Weber gas grills are known for, or different kinds of bluetooth thermometers & timers that make it possible to connect with your cellphone using a special app where you can then monitor the cooking process. Such apps make it possible to check the temperature inside the grill, the temperature inside the meat or the fuel level.
  • Warranty – Higher quality grills will normally come with longer warranties. Ironically, when purchasing a high-value gas grill, you will never need to use the warranty because the product itself is well refined and reliable. It is however, always nice to know that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is willing to cover any malfunctions you may encounter.
  • Budget – The most determining factor that impacts my decision. Local stationary or online stores have plenty of rich offers, obviously the bigger selection a store has the harder it is to make the right decision. The best solution is to compare the grill parameters by yourself so that you can be sure you won’t overpay. That’s why I tried to choose gas grills for you that are in different price ranges.

If you find a reputable grill with these traits, you are off to a great start! Of course, there are many other factors to consider before making a large investment such as this one. The ideal gas grill for you depends on your intended use, taste and budget.

If you plan on using it only occasionally for small gatherings, don’t waste your money on a high-end, thousand-dollar grill. However, if you plan on having large cookouts and don’t mind the extra expense, you will benefit greatly from one of pricier picks!

Fuel Types - Propane or Natural Gas

If you haven’t considered how you plan on fueling your grill, now is the time to do so. 

You have two options: propane or natural gas - I have prepared separate guides for each type. 

The main difference between the two is that propane can be moved around since they only require a portable refillable tank. If you prefer this type of gas then you have to read my guide that will help you choose the best propane gas grill.

On the other hand, natural gas grills gives you the option of connecting your grill to your homes natural gas plumbing. The advantage here is that you’ll never need to refill a gas tank, however, your grill will most likely become stationary.

How did I pick the best ones

First of all, the most important thing to me was the price to quality ratio. I know how important the price we pay for a gas grill is, which is why I chose the best models in different price ranges. That way you get a bigger choice that fits your criteria.

You need to know that the best rated gas grills have prices in the range of about 400 to 800 dollars. That’s the most popular price range that I put a particular focus on. For this kind of price you can own a really good, versatile, durable and efficient grill without unnecessary additions like side burners or grates that only raise the price significantly.

You may also like guide to the gas grills under $500, under $300 and under $200.

Of course I also took a careful look at the grills in a much lower price range. Plenty of people are looking for a cheap grill that gets good reviews. You need to know that they are characterized by much lower quality and durability, but I am perfectly aware that not everyone needs a durable grill for 10 years or more. Still, gas grills in this budget category can live up to the expectations when it comes to cooking.

Another category is also the luxurious or large gas grills, the price of which is usually around 1000$ or more. I do realize that there are those among us for whom it’s not a problem to buy an expensive grill.

Luxurious gas grills are usually characterized by a large cooking area, plenty of innovative technologies and being made of the highest quality materials. Besides their very good efficiency, I have to admit that their impressive appearance looks great in the backyard. Still, I believe that it’s a choice for those with a really big wallet with no sentiments.

If you love grilling with gas then you must checkout Gas Grill Fanatic, It's a site that covers this type of grill much more in detail.

I also paid attention to more or less significant technical aspects. For example, whether the grill assembly manual is simple and clear. What type of grates a grill has, porcelain coated cast-iron grates or thick, steel ones. Cast-iron grates hold heat much better, but they require regular maintenance against corrosion.

Why a Gas Grill

  • Convenience ( saving time ) – The best and shortest answer to that question is one word – convenience. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of gas grill, pellet smokers, charcoal grills or any other type, you have to admit they are pretty convenient. When you come back home tired after work and want to quickly cook a dinner for the whole family, a gas grill is definitely more convenient than a charcoal one, as you don’t have to bother yourself getting the grill burning, which is often quite a messy task.
  • Speed – a gas grill already starts warming up the moment you turn the knob. When it comes to most models, you can already cook few minutes after starting the grill. It is also worth noting that it warms up evenly.
  • Control – Setting the desired temperature is as difficult as turning a knob adequately. You also have a built-in thermometer at your disposal, which allows you to control the actual temperature all the time. When the temperature gets too high, all you have to do is turn the knob adequately to lower the temperature.  When you’re done cooking, you just turn off the grill and that’s it.
  • Cleaning All the grease draining systems make cleaning your grill significantly easier. All you have to do after each cooking is clean the grill grates and the grease tray, and once in a while also the burner and other significant elements of the grill. When it comes to charcoal grills, you have to bother yourself with annoying ash.
  • Versatility – A bigger number of burners in a grill allows to create several cooking areas of different temperatures. That way you can cook big pieces of meat such as a chicken or turkey using the indirect cooking method. You miss the smoke flavor you get out of a charcoal grill? There’s an easy solution to that, all you have to do is buy a smoker box or make your own smoke bomb using aluminium foil where you put wood chips. That way the smoke generated when burning the wood chips influences your food. See how to smoke on a gas grill using smoker box or smoke bomb method.

What should you remember about

Cleaning – Remember after each cooking to clean the grates off the food remains and grease. For that task, you can use a special grill brush that will make the whole thing easier for you. Every once in a while you have to clean everything around the burner, the bottom of the grill and the burner’s pipes. You should perform such activity at least 2-3 times in a season. Right before the start of the winter season, remember to clean your grill before putting it under the cover for the winter.

Storing and maintenance – If you have cast-iron grates it will be necessary for you to perform regular maintenance of the cast-iron grates. How to do it? Just coat the surface of the grates with oil, like by using a special oil spray.

Another important thing is properly storing the grill throughout the entire season. Make sure that your grill gets a heavy-duty cover that will protect your grill from harmful impact of atmospheric conditions. That way you will significantly extend your grill’s lifespan by protecting it from harmful factors such as water or sun.