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The Best Grill Cleaners for 2020

I am not a supporter of using grill cleaning agents too often. When cleaning grill grates with a good brush after each use, the results will be equally great and sufficient.

From time to time, however, it’s a good idea to do a full cleanup of the entire grill, giving it a shine and cleanness like back when it was new. In such situation, grill cleaning agents will work great both when cleaning the grates as well as the entire structure.

The best grill cleaner is one that will handle even the dirtiest grill by dissolving stubborn grease.

There are plenty of different cleaning agents which is why I have prepared a list for you that features a few of my proven products.

Here the best grill cleaners you can buy in 2020:

  1. Best Overall: Therapy Premium Cleaner
  2. Runner Up: CitruShine SH32
  3. Best Grates Cleaner: Weber Grate Cleaner
  4. Also Good for grates: Citrusafe Cleanser

Comparison Table


Best for


Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Best Overall

Therapy Premium

Stainless Steel Grills

CitruShine SH32

Runner Up

CitruShine SH32

All Grills

Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

Also Great

Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

Grill Grates

Citrusafe BBQ Grill Cleaner

Citrusafe BBQ Grill Cleaner

Grill Grates

The Best Grill Cleaners of 2020

1. Best Overall Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Therapy Premium Cleaner is a high quality product manufactured in USA, mostly made of safe ingredients and a small amount of chemicals.

It works great when cleaning all kinds of stainless steel surfaces which means that it will come in handy at home not only when cleaning the entire grill.

The formula mostly includes plant-based ingredients, not only giving shine, but also a nice smell.

It’s a pretty safe product for skin, it doesn’t require gloves or a mask, but just like every other cleaning agent, it should be kept away from children ( the risk of swallowing etc ).

The method of use is very simple, and the convenient bottle allows to easily spray the surface you are planning to clean. The set also includes a small microfiber cloth that is great for wiping.

I mostly recommend this product for cleaning stainless steel surfaces such as for example the whole lid of the grill, handles, side shelves etc. It is not a product intended for cleaning grill grates covered with stubborn grease.


  • Safe formula
  • Best for stainless steel surfaces


  • Price

It is a product mostly intended for stainless steel surfaces that need to be refreshed and have their former shine restored.

Due to a large amount of natural ingredients and a small amount of chemicals, this product is not recommended for serious dirt ( large amount of dried-up old grease etc ). However, in practice I am still impressed with its results considering the formula of this cleaning agent.

2. Runner Up CitruShine SH32

Another great, safe cleaning product, this time intended for cleaning a whole grill ( mostly stainless steel ).

You can use it to clean nearly any type of grill as well as to clean the interior of every grill, especially the grill grates.

CitruShine SH32 is free from toxic ingredients, the formula is based on citrus fruits which makes it biodegradable, not-toxic, non-flammable and free from phosphates.

Such formula allows you to use this cleaning agent without gloves or mask.

Of course this is not a product that will let you effortlessly clean very dirty grill grates. Lack of chemical additives means that it doesn’t work quite so effectively. The natural formula ensures safety and is very helpful when removing grease but a lot of additional brush work will be useful here.

The most important thing is that this grill cleaning product doesn’t put you at risk of any danger.

On top of that, the affordable price means that contrary to a popular belief it is also a pretty efficient product.


  • Price & Safe formula
  • Efficient
  • Universal ( for any type grill )


  • Not for very dirt grill grates

CitruShine SH32 is an universal and fully safe product for cleaning the entire grill ( of any type ) complete with the interior, available at an affordable price.

Therefore if one product for everything is enough for you or you’re not sure what type of cleaning agent will be the best for your grill, choose the universal CitruShine SH32.

3. Also Great Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

This time it’s a cleaning agent dedicated mostly to grill grates from the universally popular manufacturer Weber.

I always say that using cleaning agents should be the last ditch effort, usually the right brush and water is enough.

However, if dirt and grease become too much of a nuisance, it’s a good idea to conduct overall cleaning using the right agent.

Such product is actually Weber Grill Cleaner in spray, which is not only effective but most of all safe and free from toxic ingredients (USDA-Approved Formula ).

The formula is based on citrus fruits, ensuring safety and giving a natural, pleasant smell. It is strong and effective enough, therefore all the toxic ingredients were eliminated ( phosphates ).

Regular cleaning with a solid brush consists of warming up the grill and cleaning with a brush and water. Weber Grill Cleaner makes it possible to clean a completely cold grill which will save you time and effort.


  • Best for grill grates
  • USDA-Approved Formula


  • Dedicated only to grill grates

Despite being advertised as a product for cleaning grill grates, you need to know that it will also work great in the kitchen when cleaning the stove, oven or toaster.

In conclusion, a great product mostly for cleaning grill grates and more, safe, inexpensive and effective.

4. Citrusafe - BBQ Grid & Grill Grate Cleanser

Another cleaning agent dedicated mostly to grill grates, but it can successfully be used when cleaning even a whole grill or oven or toaster.

Safe for hands and the environment, the citrus formula is free from toxic ingredients that pose threat not only to your skin. One can clean without worries while not using gloves or a mask.

The price and lack of toxic ingredients are the most important advantages of this cleaning agent.

Citrusafe Cleanser doesn’t produce unpleasant toxic smell, it works great on stainless steel surfaces.

The formula isn’t as strong as the strongest agents on the market, but it’s completely safe. It perfectly handles medium dirt, when it comes to serious dirt one has to put a little more effort to make the results the best they can be.

The grates are a place where your food rests, which makes it important for them to be free from any chemicals. You don’t want to risk having trace amounts of toxic substances get into food or simply impact the food’s final flavor.


  • Best for grill grates but also overall grill
  • Safe Formula ( Citrus smell )
  • Efficient & cheap


  • Not the best for serious dirt grates

For that reason, it’s a good idea to use dedicated cleaning agents that have milder yet 100% safe ingredients in their composition.

Citrusafe grill grate cleanser is a reliable choice that is worth having in your BBQ accessories. A very affordable price and efficient amount ensure a large number of washes.

All you have to do is spray the surface of the grates, wait for a moment, and then clean with a brush.

Buyer's Guide

Once you have the right grill cleaner, I recommend scheduling the cleaning for some day free from cooking so that you can thoroughly rinse the grill after cleaning and give it a time to dry off completely.

However, if you still have a problem with choosing the right grill cleaner, use the tips below.

How did I pick the best ones?

Over all those years of cooking, I have tested plenty of grill cleaning agents. I have bought premium products, cheaper alternatives or products from well-renowned manufacturers in the BBQ industry.

I have learned that it’s not about the brand or price – the key is the composition of a particular cleaning agent’s formula.

Having my own and other people’s health in mind, I went with products that are as non-toxic as possible or entirely free from toxic ingredients.

After plenty of disappointments and discussions with other BBQ enthusiasts, I was able to find several truly noteworthy grill cleaning agents.

How I test ?

I grill a lot ( on different grills and smokers ) which is why cleaning is a pretty common thing in my case. Especially when after the end of season it is necessary to comprehensively refresh all the grills from A to Z.

I deliberately haven’t cleaned my grills in a long time ( in some cases not even the grill grates ). Of course it was all for the purposes of testing – then I bought a few of my proven products as well as a few new ones that I haven’t deal with before.

I used all the agents for cleaning elements with a similar dirt content. That way I could make sure which of the products still hold up. I’d like to remind that most of the grill cleaning agents I used are safe products the formula of which is based on safe ingredients.

What to Look for in the Grill Cleaner

  • Composition – First and foremost, check out the composition of a grill cleaning agent’s formula. There are ingredients so strong that they can destroy the surface of grill grates or irritate your hands. Contrary to a popular belief, you don’t need strong chemicals to get your grill fresh again. Look for citrus-based products without any added toxic substances. Agents of this type are safe enough for you to clean the grill without special gloves or mask.
  • Safe for food – A food that ends up on grill grates can absorb the chemicals deposited on them when the grill is warmed-up. Look for agents free from toxic and unhealthy substances.
  • Type – Certain cleaning agents match a particular type of grill or grill grates. Pay attention to that especially when certain elements of your grill are delicate or if you simply want to achieve a much better result of cleaning.
  • Scent – If the cleaning agent has an unpleasant or downright “toxic” smell, it should be a signal that the ingredients are not exactly the safest. Most of the time, the majority of the safest products is characterized by a pleasant citron smell.
  • Effectiveness – A formula based on safe ingredients will never be as effective as a chemical product rich in all types of chemicals. That doesn’t mean, however, that such product won’t do its job. Quite the opposite, although it does require a little more effort, it can give just as great results. Sadly, aside from my tips, you can only learn about effectiveness of a particular product through your own tests.