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The Best Grill Mats for 2020

Grill mats have plenty of uses, they stop food and juices from falling through the grates, they make it easier to grill softer food like fish or vegetables, they protect from flare-ups, make it possible to fry eggs and most of all, they are very easy to clean.

They come with a special non-stick layer which means that after you’re done cooking all you have to do is wipe the mat with a damp cloth and you’ll see how easily the dirt comes off.

Of course, like with any other product, there are better and worse ones, which is why I have prepared a buyer’s guide that will make it easier for you to pick the best grill mat.

Below I will also present my suggestions of the favorite grill mats together with reviews.

Comparison Table


Cooking Space



Kona BBQ Grill Mat

Best Overall

Kona BBQ Grill Mat

406 total sq. in.


Copper Grill & Bake Mat

Runner Up

Copper Grill & Bake Mat

447 total sq. in.


Grillaholics Heavy Duty Grill Mat

153 sq. in.


Pit Boss Kamado BBQ

Aoocan Grill Mat

570 sq. in.


The 4 Best Grill Mats for 2020

Start taking advantage of grill mats as soon as possible by only buying a tested product from a reliable manufacturer.

1. Best Overall Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat

Not every grill mat is going to be good, it is better to pay a little more and invest in something of high-quality.

The Kona manufacturer offers high-quality grill mats available at affordable prices.

A grill mat from Koma is characterized by thickness, quality and resistance to high temperatures.

The mat thickness is whole 39mm whereas most competitive models have mats that are only 20-25mm thick ( at insignificantly lower prices ).

When it comes to resistance to high temperatures, you have nothing to worry about, it’s up to 600 degrees F ( the majority of competitive models can only withstand up to 500 degrees F ).


  • High Quality
  • Mat thickness - 39mm
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Resitance up to 600 F


  • More thickness = longer heat up

The set includes two mats which might make the price of one seem a little high at the first glance. Keep in mind, though, that these are good-quality mats that are worth paying extra.

The warranty for this product is whole 7 years, and the manufacturer themselves declares that you can even use the same mat as many as several hundred times.

2. Runner Up Copper Grill & Bake Mat

An FDA Approved grill mat from the Copper manufacturer is another great suggestion by me. Much smaller than the Kona mat, but a set includes as many as 5 pieces at a much lower price.

Of course it is made of high-quality materials that are fully safe when cooking at high temperatures.

You have to remember such things especially when buying something from an unknown manufacturer.

About 25 mm thick is not too much, but for that kind of money there’s nothing to complain about in this regard.

The Copper Grill mat is resistant to temperatures of up to 500 degrees F, although the manufacturer suggests to use it within the range of 300-400 degrees F if you want it to last for as long as possible.

Follow the terms of use specified by the manufacturer as well, keep the right distance from the hearth ( charcoal ) or from the burners.

Like every other mat, this one is also very easy to clean and it also comes with a special layer that ensures that food won’t stick when cooking.


  • Great price & good quality
  • 5 pieces in package
  • Design & colour


  • Resistance only up to 500 F

For this kind of money it’s a great product, it’s a little pity that the mat is not resistant to much higher temperatures, but during normal grilling and smoking it should serve its purpose 100%.

3. Grillaholics Heavy Duty Grill Mat

A very similar grill mat in terms of parameters and price to the one from the Kona manufacturer. The set also includes only 2 mats but both are pretty big and thick.

Its disadvantage is resistance only up to 500 degrees F but keep in mind that mats of this type are mostly intended for cooking at lower temperatures.

If you use the mats properly, they can last in very hot conditions ( at the right distance from the source of heat, not directly exposed to the flames ).

The quality of Grillaholics Heavy Duty Grill Mat is high enough, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty which is a surprise to me.

It is not the thickest mat around, but the manufacturer assures that the thickness is certainly big enough.

Just like in every competitive mat, here you can also expect a non-stick surface. It makes it much easier to cook more delicate food and allows to very easily clean the mat after cooking is over.

I have to admit that thanks to the non-stick surface all you have to do is wipe the mat with just a damp cloth in order to remove all the dirt and food remains after cooking.


  • Quality & Size
  • Trusted brand
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Price
  • Resistance Up to 500 F

Grillaholics is a trusted manufacturer that offers many more grilling accessories so it’s no wonder that their grill mats are also great.

4. Aoocan Grill Mat

A mat of a slightly poorer quality compared to my previous suggestions but it’s available at a very low price.

The set includes as many as five Aoocan Grill Mats which at this kind of quantity gives a very low final price per piece.

It is not quite as durable a mat as the predecessors, but the manufacturer promises up to 100 uses. Is it too low? Considering the price I think that it is very good.

Competitive models declare to be ready for as many as several hundred uses but one has to take the several times higher price per piece into account.

The mat comes with FDA and LFGB food-grade certification in case you had any doubts about safety.

Of course food doesn’t stick to the surface which is a standard and the main purpose of grill mats. In practice, after you’re done cooking you can very easily remove all food remains and grease using a damp cloth ( it's the best to clean right after you’re done cooking while the mat is still hot ).

It also maintains the standard resistance to temperatures for most mats ( up to 500 degrees F ).


  • Economical - Low price per item


  • It’s not quite as durable as higher-quality competitive mats

Aoocan Grill Mat maintains all the basic parameters at a good level but it’s not quite as durable as higher-quality competitive mats.

Keep in mind, though, that higher-quality mats are much more expensive so it’s not a problem if you replace mats every few dozen uses. At this kind of price for a set of 5 pieces it will still be a cost-efficient and satisfying solution.

Buyer's Guide

Still not convinced which grill mat will be right for you after seeing my suggestions? Below you will find several tips and information on what I used as reference when creating the list of best grill mats in my view.

I have also prepared more general information on upsides of grill mats so if you still have any doubts then I invite you to review the below part of my buyer’s guide.

How did I pick the best ones ?

I start by making a general list of the grill mats available on the market, utilizing my own knowledge, that of my friends, and I check websites in search of something new.

Then I gradually eliminate products from my list that have very poor reviews etc.

During the final stage, once I have a significantly smaller list, I move on to rating the parameters, prices etc. Based on that, I create a list of only a few products that participate in practical tests where I see in practice the upsides and downsides of a particular grill mat.

How I test ?

Personally, I am not a big fan of grill mats during everyday grilling but I have to admit that I use them for special occasions, like grilling fish or other delicate food for example.

For the purposes of testing, however, I decided to grill meat of every type in order to collect as much information as possible.

Over a course of few weeks I was using grill mats every time I grilled or smoked, once I was done I would write down my conclusions until the time came to summarize it all and prepare this guide.

Are Grill Mats safe ?

Definitely, but you have to keep one very important thing in mind. Never use a grill mat over a direct flame, which usually occurs with charcoal grills. Just make sure that the flame never touches the grill mat directly.

A properly placed grill mat may be right above a flame, but it should never come in direct contact with it.

Another important tip is not to use metal BBQ tools, especially grill brushes with sharp metal tips may easily damage the surface of a grill mat.

Why you should have Grill Mats

  • Hygiene and convenience – Just place such mat on the grill grates and you’re done, you don’t need any special preparations. Once you’re done, you have to clean the mat with a damp cloth while it’s still hot, that way you will remove the dirt surprisingly easily.
  • Perfect for delicate/small food – Grill grates have gaps that tiny pieces of food very often fall through. Certain types of food are so small that they can’t be cooked without a special container which is where a grill mat becomes helpful. A phenomenal product for grilling such things as fish or small vegetables/fruits ( that’s where I use them most ).
  • Protects from flare-ups – Juices oozing directly from meat cause flare-ups upon contact with flames. A mat prevents juices from getting inside the grill, which allows you not only to prevent flare-ups but also to keep the grill clean for much longer.
  • Versatility – Have you ever thought about frying eggs, pancakes or pizza on a grill? It requires special accessories that tend to be expensive or have their limitations. A grill mat is inexpensive and allows to do all the things mentioned above, it works as a frying pan.
  • Non-stick Surface – Imagine a kitchen pan that food doesn’t stick to during cooking, a grill mat has the exact same properties. That way cooking goes better and cleaning is much more convenient.
  • High temperatures – The material grill mats are made of is resistant to high temperatures. Most manufacturers guarantee resistance up to 500 degrees F whereas slightly better mats are resistant even up to 600 degrees F. If you grill in high temperatures, I recommend buying a slightly better mat.
  • They retain the food’s flavor – Contrary to common beliefs, grill mats don’t alter the taste significantly, they keep the juices close to food and can even create grill marks on the surface.