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The Best Knife for Slicing Brisket

Have you seen pictures or video showing an impressively cut brisket? In order to achieve the same effect, you will need the right knife.

If you’ve never come across cutting a brisket, you might be thinking that it’s not necessary. In practice, though, using a wrong knife might result in ruining the meat’s appearance completely. It is something unacceptable, especially after many hours of smoking such meat.

For that reason, I have prepared a buying guide in which I took a closer look at the best Knife for Slicing Brisket.

Remember never to use just a random knife you have lying around. Make use of my suggestions and reviews to buy a decent knife at the right price for you.

The 4 Best Knifes for Slicing Brisket in 2020

I have chosen several options for every occasion available in different price ranges. If you care about your meat, buy the right knife, which one? Make use of my reviews below to choose one that will suit you the best.

An incredibly sharp and solidly made knife that is perfect for cutting brisket, turkey or other types of meat.

Victorinox is a Swiss brand with rich history, having been on the market for many years. Their knives enjoy very huge renown and popularity, including this particular model.

It is a very solid knife that guarantees precise cuts, in this case of a brisket. Without jerking and without pulling, just smooth, even cutting.

A long enough blade (12 inches) plus about a 6 inch handle make it possible to cut even the biggest pieces of meat.

This knife will allow you to cut incredibly even and thin slices of brisket with great ease.

The knife’s tip is sharp as well, so I suggest being careful before you get used to that knife. It’s a shame it doesn’t come with a carrying case that would allow to store it safely.

What matters the most, though, is the quality of workmanship and how great it performs in practice. The handle and the blade’s center of gravity allow the whole knife to lie in hand comfortably and securely. Despite its significant length, it is easy to hold and allows for precise cuts.

Besides the brisket, it works great for cutting other types of meat, such as a whole turkey or chicken for example.

Another great knife, especially for cutting bigger pieces of meat.

The total length of the knife is 22.2 inches, with the blade itself being 14 inches long. It is a knife for those who cut bigger pieces of meat much more often, such as a brisket.

In such situation, cutting with a small knife becomes annoying and ineffective, as it’s not possible to cut one whole even slice at once.

Mercer is another solid brand that manufactures great knives at affordable prices. Their offer gets a lot of positive reviews among professional cooks.

A properly designed knife allows to avoid the blade sticking to the meat, which lets you cut perfectly even and thin slices of meat.

This model is certainly great at handling cutting, it doesn’t jag the meat and doesn’t require you to use force. It is sharp enough to allow for even and thin cutting, which is why I suggest being particularly careful when using it, as it is easy to cut your fingers.

In conclusion, if you often deal with big pieces of meat, then this is a perfect choice.

Another great and noteworthy knife especially since it is recommended by very famous cooks, including (Aaron Franklin).

I have included it in my guide because it has the right length and center of gravity and I know that it is solidly made, which makes it work great in practice when cutting a brisket.

It has a long enough blade made of high quality steel and teeth that make cutting easy and cause it to be more versatile (for cutting bread, for example).

Appearance is certainly not among its advantages, especially the handle color, but that’s not what matters the most.

What matters is the quality of workmanship, effectiveness, price and how the knife itself lies in hand. In all of those crucial regards, it is a great choice.

It is long enough, which makes it work great when cutting large pieces of meat.

Another great suggestion from Dexter – a trimming knife that is perfect for cutting off things like excess fat in meat.

It makes it possible to easily make swift cuts in situations where other knives turn out to be too big or limit movements too much.

It is worth having a few types of knives in your equipment, which will make you perfectly prepared for every occasion, especially when it comes to cutting different types of meats.

When it comes to brisket, this knife makes it possible to easily remove fat located in the lower part of meat.

A blade of this shape combined with a solid handle makes it possible to cut meat really swiftly. The knife itself lies in hand very comfortably, and its construction makes it possible to make plenty of moves that are impossible for a long knife.

It’s a pretty solidly made knife from good quality steel that is very sharp.

Another advantage is low prices for such a good knife for trimming brisket.

Why do you need the right knife?

At first glance, it seems that you can use many different types of knives to cut meat. In practice, however, the blade’s construction has a very huge impact on the final results of cutting.

That’s why I believe that everyone should have several types of knives in their equipment so that they can be prepared for all possible situations.

It is no different when it comes to brisket, which is among bigger pieces of meat and therefore requires much more time and adequate money. Beef brisket is also among expensive pieces of meat, which is all the more reason to make sure that it is properly prepared from beginning to end.

When it comes to brisket, you need a long enough knife, sharp and with the right tip in order to achieve the best results.

A brisket cut perfectly into even pencil-thick slices is a perfect way to present meat. A regular knife will cause the meat to be jagged and uneven, which makes it a good idea to invest in the right knife.

The difference between carving and slicing

A slicer has a rounded tip which I warn you is sharp as well and is thinner and more flexible. A carver on the other hand has a pointy tip, is thicker and less flexible.

In theory, both knives can be used for cutting, but a slicer knife will be way better, as it gives much better results.

Electric vs manual knife for slicing brisket

In my view, a good quality electric knife is mainly good in a situation where you’re cutting meat for a long time. It doesn’t need force when cutting which makes it a more comfortable solution.

Another upside is replaceable blades which might make it a very versatile solution.

My greatest complain, though, is the fact that an electric knife will sooner or later malfunction.

On top of that, it is not a construction as solid and durable as a manual knife.

Not to mention a manual knife offers better flexibility and dexterity and is easier to keep perfectly clean.

It is a malfunction-free knife that can pretty much always work, although it requires using force and takes more time.

It takes less space and is easier to pack and to store.

Over time, the blade won’t be as sharp as before, in that case all you have to do is sharpen it and you can enjoy perfect cutting again.