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The Best Lump Charcoal for 2020

Without a doubt, lump charcoal should be 100% natural ( No fillers or chemicals ) and made of clean, hard wood. Does every manufacturer follow these rules? Of course not.

That’s why I have prepared this guide in order to help you choose right lump charcoal that will be natural and made of high quality hardwood.

With the BBQ season around the corner, there’s a growing number of debates related to which type of grill is the best.

If you have chosen charcoal then chances are you have another problem, which is about finding a manufacturer who has a good quality hardwood lump charcoal at a decent price in their offer.

Here are the best lump charcoal you can buy:

  1. Best Hardwood Lump Charcoal: Jealous Devil All Natural
  2. Best for Grilling: Fogo Super Premium
  3. Also Good: KJ-Char Hardwood

Comparison Table



Piece Size


Jealous Devil All Natural

Best Overall

Jealous Devil All Natural

20 lb

Very Lage

fogo super premium

Fogo Super Premium

17.6 lb


kamado joe KJ-Char

Kamado Joe KJ-Char

20 lb


The Best Lump Charcoal in 2020 - Top Picks

1. Best Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Jealous Devil All Natural

Made of wood called Quebracho Blanco ( South American wood ), the manufacturing process takes place in Paraguay.

In my opinion, Jealous Devil All Natural is the best overall lump charcoal available on the market.

It is characterized by high quality of wood, large percentage of medium-sized chunks in the bag, lack of any kind of fillers or chemicals and lack of weird elements or junk.

It burns pretty fast and easily, it produces very little ash and can reach one of the highest temperatures. It is definitely very hot charcoal and of surprisingly good burning time ( especially in kamado type grills ).

I especially recommend it for long cooking, for example in ceramic grills like Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe.

What stands out right away after pouring out an entire bag is the minimal amount of wood chips and dust combined with a large amount of medium-sized chunks ( majority ) and a small amount of big chunks.

According to the manufacturer, you won’t find any unidentified objects in the bag, like wood without charcoal, junk or anything unwanted. I can definitely confirm it, lump charcoal from Jealous Devil only contains high quality chunks of wood without garbage or additives.


  • 100% Natural, High Quality
  • Low amount of dust and ash
  • Large amount of medium-sized chunks
  • Can reach very high temperature


  • Price
  • Availability

Jealous Devil holds the deserved and unquestioned top place in my ranking.

Natural quality of the hard wood, burning purity, small amount of ash, the ability to reach very high temperatures, small amount of dust and wood chips whereas about 2/3 of the bag contains medium-sized chunks of charcoal.

The only thing you may not like is the smoke itself and its intensity, but that’s a matter of personal taste, which is something everyone has to check for themselves.

2. Best for Grilling Fogo Super Premium

Made of wood that comes from Salvador (a Central American evergreen Oak species ) it is also this country where the manufacturing process takes place. It takes the second place in my ranking despite being as great as Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal.

First and foremost, Fogo Super Premium lump charcoal is free from chemicals and other additives, and you won’t find any junk or unidentified elements in the bag.

Upon opening the bag and pouring out all the charcoal, you can clearly see that the chunks of charcoal are big. About 80% are medium-sized and big chunks, with medium-sized taking about 50% of the bag.

It’s a truly remarkable result, the biggest chunks may have to be manually broken into pieces as they won’t fit in certain grills/smokers.

When it comes to dust and wood chips, there is very little of that, only about 5%.

A small downside and likely the main reason why this lump charcoal takes the second place on my list is the burning time. It requires quite a lot of paper in the chimney and it takes a lot of time to catch fire. It is not something very important that would impact the results of cooking, I would suggest to mostly take it as a piece of trivia.

Fogo Super Premmium Hardwood lump charcoal doesn’t get good results either when it comes to the maximum temperature. Compared to other manufacturers it looks average, next to Jealous Devil it looked pretty poor. But does it really matter that much if it is still hot enough to allow you to do pretty much anything you need.


  • Price & Quality ( No additives )
  • Nice mix of medium-sized and big chunks
  • Low amount of dust


  • Average maximum temperature results

When it comes to the charcoal burning time and ash creation, the results are very satisfying here. Having so much medium-sized and big chunks of charcoal makes it burn long.

Fogo Super Premium is mostly great due to the quality, burning time, large chunks of charcoal ( small amount of dust ), price and most of all being natural ( 100% Hard Wood without any additives ).

3. Kamado Joe KJ-Char

Made of as many as 3 different types of Argentinian hard wood (Guayaibi , Guayacan, Mistal and White Quebracho hardwoods ), the manufacturing process also takes place in Argentina.

KJ-Char Hardwood Lump Charcoal is first and foremost 100% natural without any additives in form of fillers or chemicals.

Upon opening the bag, you won’t find any unidentified objects or junk.

When it comes to the flavor, it feels very good to me, although I realize that to a large extent it’s a matter of personal preference which is why it would be the best for you to see it for yourself.

It burns for pretty long and doesn’t produce much ash, but my main gripe is about the size of pieces. The manufacturers advertise their product by saying that the chunks of charcoal are very big. The reality however is completely different, the size of the biggest pieces doesn’t actually differ much from regular supermarket-brand lump charcoal.

Another downside is a pretty big amount of dust and wood chips as well as their large ratio to the entire bag. Thinking I got a wrong bag, I checked reviews from others and they sound similar.


  • Natural without additives
  • Low amount of ash 
  • Burns pretty long and fast


  • Price
  • A bit of dust

Overall, it is very good natural hardwood lump charcoal that burns fast, doesn’t produce much ash, reaches high temperatures and has a pretty long burning time.

However I am kind of disappointed When it comes to the size of chunks.

Buyer's Guide

The right quality lump charcoal is 100% natural and only made of hard wood is something incredibly important. Good quality charcoal not only burns better, longer and leaves less ash, but also has a much better impact on the food’s flavor.

There’s a lot of different manufacturers, which is why if you grill a lot it’s a good idea to verify which of them offers only high quality lump charcoal. Avoid popular brands which due to their low price can be often found at a regular grocery store.

How did I pick the best ones?

Using my own knowledge and exchanging experience with other BBQ enthusiasts, I have created an overall list of the most popular lump charcoal brands.

Then I carefully checked out each of them and eliminated the ones who offer lump charcoal with different types of additives ( fillers and other chemicals ).

Burning charcoal has a significant impact on the food’s flavor so if it contains different unwanted additives then you will certainly feel it later in your food ( not to mention the health aspect ).

I encourage you to take good care of what we all use and what we eat which is why I only promote 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal free from any chemicals.

How did I test ?

The tests were pretty time-consuming, as they took few weeks. 

I cooked nearly everyday and everytime I would use lump charcoal from a different manufacturer. Cooking went the same when it comes to the type of meat and the temperature on the inside. My task was to monitor and describe everything related to the charcoal.

First and foremost, I started by rating the chunks of charcoal and the composition as well as the percentage of different size of pieces to the entire bag. Then I measured the charcoal burning time, the time to reach the right temperature and the maximum temperature.

At the next stage, I moved on to regular meat smoking where I once again used new charcoal in order to start new tests. At this stage I observed the effectiveness, as in the charcoal burning time, its caloric content and how much ash it produced.

Why choose Lump Charcoal ?

When it comes to charcoal, you can choose between lump charcoal or briquettes.

Each of them has their upsides and downsides and, depending on your cooking style and the type of smoker or grill, you will have to choose what’s better for you.

Personally, I use both types of charcoal, but I pay special attention to whether they don’t have any chemical additives and are 100% natural. Without a doubt, lump charcoal’s properties make it great for ceramic kamado type grills, but you can easily use it with other types of charcoal grills and smokers.

You should also read the guide to the best charcoal briquettes, it is an alternative to lump charcoal.


  • Starts burning fast
  • Burns Very Hot
  • Very Small Ash Production
  • Real lump charcoal is 100% natural without any additives


  • Tends to cost more
  • Burns much faster
  • Isn’t good for creating heat zones

What to pay attention to?

  • Naturalness – Real lump charcoal doesn’t contain any additives in form of chemicals or fillers. High quality lump charcoal is first and foremost 100% natural and made of the right type of hard wood.
  • Size of pieces – It is the best for the big and medium-sized chunk ratio after opening the bag to be as high as possible compared to the smallest ones. If majority of the bag are small chunks then change the manufacturer as they provide poor quality charcoal.
  • Amount of dust and wood chips – It is unacceptable after opening the bag for a very large part of it to be dust, wood chips and small pieces of charcoal. That’s another aspect you should definitely watch out for as it’s a sign of poor quality of the charcoal.

If your question is not answered here, I recommend the Naked Whiz website dedicated to testing all brands available on the market offering briquettes and lump charcoal.