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The Best Meat Grinders for 2020

So you decided to get yourself an meat grinder for your kitchen.

Seeing how they can make any kitchen much more personalized and innovative, it is not surprising that meat grinders just keep getting more and more popular these days.

I’m sure your search of the best meat grinder for your kitchen will be much easier with this guide.

As time went by, the meat grinder kept getting updated.

The ones available now have different replaceable blades and plates made of metal, which allows you to adjust the consistency and texture to our own needs.

If you’re looking for an effective electric meat grinder that is guaranteed to do its job, any of the grinders discussed below will make a great choice. Thanks to their simple, straightforward approach to grinding meat, you can expect high performance without going bankrupt.

Comparison Table



TOP Picks

STX International STX-3000

Best Overall

STX International 3000

STX-4000 International


STX-4000 International

Turboforce II

LEM Products Big Bite

Upgrade Pick

LEM Products Big Bite

Gourmia GMG525

Budget Pick

Gourmia GMG525

Also Great

Kitchener Meat Grinder

Kitchener Meat Grinder

The Best Meat Grinders for 2020

There are different meat grinders, now you just have to decide which one you want. If you are planning to use your device often or looking for the best one, you should focus on the meat grinders with a price tag above $100. I have specified the best ones below.

1. Best Overall STX-3000 International

The STX-3000 Turboforce is one powerful meat grinder that comes with plenty of useful accessories!

It can grind meat, but it can also be used for sausage stuffing or making Kubbes, offering high quality as well as high performance for every fan of grinding out there.

This particular meat grinder is truly unique in every regard, with its easy to clean polished aluminum body as well as a heavy-duty electric motor.

Whether it is your first meat grinder or a replacement for the previous one, the STX grinder comes with plenty of high-quality accessories that will surely leave you impressed.

The product is not difficult to put together and it’s very durable, being able to handle huge amounts of meat with barely any maintenance needed.

On top of that, it comes with instructions that can make the experience much easier to all the new users out there.

The STX Turboforce is also very easy to customize and experiment with.

Whether you are looking to change the consistency and texture of your meat or make your sausages bigger or smaller, the vast array of features gives buyers plenty of options to help them with their culinary needs.


  • Good Quality & worth the price
  • Plenty of useful accessories
  • Simple & Easy to use


  • Not the best for commercial use

Overall, one can confidently say that the STX Turboforce is worth its price. It is simple and straightforward to use, it does its tasks fast, plus it allows to customize and personalize the experience, which results in higher quality meat products.

Still, it does have its flaws that may have a bad impact on its appeal. It generates quite a lot of noise, which might be annoying to some users, plus some reviews claim that it can make quite a lot of mess during the first use.

If you don’t have any problem with either of the above, though, the STX Turboforce is likely to be the perfect choice for you !

2. Runner-Up STX-4000 International Turboforce II

The new version of STX-4000 International Tuboforce II is a very efficient and great looking device. The modern design and attention to elements can be seen on every step, for this kind of money it is one of the most promising meat grinders.

Besides great power, in this device you will also find plenty of accessories and additional innovative features.

A big advantage is certainly the power, 2000 Watt guarantees that you won’t have any trouble grinding even the thickest chunks of meat.

On top of that, STX Turboforce II has an innovative cooling system, the purpose of which is to keep the engine at a low temperature which according to the manufacturers will double the device’s lifetime, is that really the case? 

Sadly I don’t have enough experience with this device to give you a conclusive answer to that question.

A large number of high-quality accessories makes this model even more inviting. I’m talking here about 5 grinding discs, 3 stainless steel blades, a Set of 3 Stuffing Tubes and 1 bean plate – all those accessories make a versatile meat grinder. I won’t describe each of the accessories in detail here, I suggest to do that on the store’s website.

The construction available in two different colors is made of materials that are easy to clean. I suggest reading the manuals, as they are rich in information that really allows to solve plenty of problems or increase the effectiveness of this device.

It is a small downside at first that the device operates very loudly but after about a dozen hours it changes significantly and becomes pretty decent ( you can read about it in the manual that the device will work less loudly after about a dozen hours ).


  • High quality
  • Multiple features


  • Price
  • Very loudly at the beginning

The device is high-quality, easy to assemble, has plenty of clear instructions and one small downside which is slightly loud operation at first ( as I mentioned, after about a dozen hours the noise drops to a tolerable level ).

In the end, I consider this model to be a great continuation of the previous model which was STX 3000 INTERNATIONAL, if you have a little more cash then buy Turboforce II, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Upgrade Pick LEM Products Big Bite

Available in many sizes, made entirely of stainless steel, it is not only a good looking heavy and solid meat grinder, but above all a versatile and strong one.

It is a series available in many sizes and different powers. It stands out with high quality of workmanship and low noise level which occurs in much cheaper models.

In this guide I will be particularly describing LEM Products #12 Big Bite 75HP ( the main difference in all models is only the power and size )  in my view the version #12 .75HP is the most popular meat grinder size. 

If you need something bigger or smaller then check out other available sizes, there are so many of them that everyone will find something for themselves.

The version I’m describing is a perfect device if you often grind large quantities of meat ( even thicker pieces ), the strong engine doesn’t need to take breaks. It’s a model made for those who need to grind large quantities of meat fast and well.

One upside is the 5 year warranty which shows how seriously the manufacturer takes their product. The set also includes many useful accessories, you can also buy several others separately. It is a shame that Foot Switch has to be bought separately for instance, but it’s worth it if you have some spare cash.


  • Top Quality ( 5 years warranty )
  • Great for commercial use
  • Very efficient & powerful


  • Price
  • Big & Heavy

LEM Products are famous for high-quality workmanship, it’s an expensive product, but worth the buy for those who value quality and efficiency.

In terms of quality, power and functionality it is undoubtedly number one among meat grinders, if you want a decent device and have more cash then you should definitely buy this model, and you will be pleased.

I recommend it for demanding people who need a professional device to frequently grind large quantities of meat.

4. Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Kitchener Electric Meat Grinder should meet the requirements of most regular people without special expectations. 

It grinds meat very well, but I have an advice for you, if you want to achieve very good results then you should grind pieces as small as possible, preferably cold ones.

That way you will get great results without having to take breaks due to meat getting stuck.

Of course it is an efficient device for this kind of price, but my advice will allow you to get the best results.

The construction is relatively solid, much better than models mostly made of plastic which gets it extra points. 

Then even more points for the metal gears and stainless steel cutting knife, the most important elements made of durable materials are a key to a product’s durability.

Sadly the set doesn’t include many accessories, and the size and power of this meat grinder looks more to me like a device intended for basic home needs.

It is not a choice for those who grind large quantities of meat which requires power, efficiency and quality of the device. It is also not a versatile device that has plenty of accessories available.


  • Price
  • Good only for basic tasks


  • No the best quality
  • Few accessories

Kitchener meat grinder is good for those who need to grind meat at home from time to time. 

It’s a choice for those who want a good quality product with the basic features and accessories for a low price. It is not a very versatile device due to a small number of accessories, but like I said, it will make a perfect choice for basic chores at home.

5. Budget Pick Gourmia GMG525

This model offers great performance that is better than in other standard electric meat grinders, and its powerful motor can easily grind meat of any possible type.

On top of that, it is also easy to put together and clean, too!

Just like the more expensive grinders described above, the Gourmia GMG 525 comes with three grinding plates that enable buyers to adjust their meat products to their own personal preferences.

The coarse, normal, and fine options are all available to suit all kinds of cooking requirements, which means that users can easily rely on this useful device to provide great results for any recipe.

Another great thing is that it also comes with attachments for making sausages and kibbeh!

What is also great is that it comes with a durable plastic food pusher, so that the customers can get the best out of their purchase. On top of that, the Gourmia is also incredibly easy to use, which is great for those less experienced with meat grinders.

Its simple on/off switch makes this meat grinder much more easier to operate, which means the only thing the buyer has to do is put the meat into the right tube and get the thing properly cleaned after each use.

It is also great that it comes with a free cooking e-book which gives new users step-by-step instructions on how to operate their brand new meat grinder as well as some quality recipes for beginning.


  • Price
  • Great for beginners
  • Decent Power


  • Few people complains about the quality of metal parts after washing

There are few unfavorable reviews complaining about the quality of the metal parts after washing, but that’s only caused by not reading the manual properly. Which shows how important it is to take few minutes to read about how to properly take care of your new meat grinder!

Last but not least, I would also like to mention that the manufacturer is ETL-listed, which ensures the users that what they get is a safe, efficient and high-quality device that will certainly provide great results.

Buyers Guide

buyers guide 004

With all the different benefits they have to offer even to those who only cook casually, electric meat grinders are very handy and make a great addition to the kitchen for everyone who loves the fine art of cooking.

Although majority of cooks chooses store-bought food, it is not really any harder to just grind your own meat. There’s still a whole lot to explore for those who enjoy home-style cooking.

Being in charge of selecting the ingredients of the food you eat, getting to taste all the flavors you haven’t known before, and having control over how much additives you eat is easier now than it’s ever been before thanks to this brilliant invention.

In order to let you paint a better picture of what you can do with a meat grinder, I have put together all the key info on this useful little thing, and thus this article was born.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to make some homemade sausage or something to put on your toast, when you have a meat grinder, there’s plenty of options for adding something new to your cooking.

Advantages Of Grinding Your Own Meat

First of all, meat grinders are great for making sure that your meat is well-preserved. The kind of ground meat you buy at stores usually isn’t fresh, was made of meat that probably spent a lot of time on the shelf, and tends to expire earlier than you’d like it.

When you grind your own meat, you have more control over how long your product will last. It will make your meat fresher, you’ll know it didn’t spend a week in a meat shop case, and the final product will overall be much better.

Your ground meat being fresher also contributes to another beneficial thing that matters – its flavor. When you buy ground meat from somebody else, not only does it have an impact on its preservation, but studies show it also has a bad influence on its taste.

When a product is fresher, it also means the flavor will be more intense, which will make the end product stand out among others.

The ability to customize your meat grinder’s configuration also means you can control the texture. When you grind your own meat, you get to adjust the density of the end product.

It doesn’t matter if you need a more fine grind for food products such as meatloaf, or one that is courser for such meats as sausages, the meat grinder is there to cater to your individual needs.

The Best Ways To Grind Meat

There are lots of ways to grind meat without having a grinder! As I have already mentioned, one popular choice is to buy meat from a butcher that was already ground for us. This is the perfect solution for those who don’t have much time, but in the end the product you get is of rather poor quality.

Asking the butcher to grind a particular piece of meat is one way for this method to allow you to obtain an alternative that is fresher. This is a rather expensive approach, though, for people who plan to consume ground meat on a regular basis.

Any person who has a food processor also has the option of grinding their own meat at home. But even though the results here are much better compared to the meat bought at stores, the common problem with processors is uneven grinding which means that this approach is better suited for making thinner meat products.

The next method available is chopping the meat by hand, making it smaller and smaller.

This takes much more time than the rest of methods listed here, but it gives you a better control over the texture of your final product.

Last but not least, the perfect method is to just use a meat grinder. If you want an easy, quick and consistent method, then this device is perfect for you for making end products of high quality at home.


Alternative for electric meat grinders

Of course. If you want to develop your arm muscles, you can get a manual meat grinder cheap and just use your own hand to spin a crank that propels the device. The basic advantages of electric meat grinders are still there, although they require more effort.

There are many different models of electric meat grinders with all kinds of different features, which allows you to personalize and customize your grinding experience, but for a casual fan of meat grinding, the electric motor is the only thing they need to worry about.

Unless you grind meat in huge quantities every day, you’re not going to need more sophisticated options.

Electric Grinder vs A Manual One ?

buyers guide 002

The difference number one is obviously that, when using an electric meat grinder, there is a motor power to help you. Depending on what model your grinder is and what features it comes with, it means you will be able to grind bigger quantities of meat faster, compared to a manual grinder powered by a crank.

Additionally, electric grinders are very easy to use. Whereas manual grinders tend to have to be fastened to their surface, with their electric counterparts you just have to put them together, put the plug in, and then turn the device on.

They are also usually equipped with a pusher, which makes it less difficult and dangerous to push the meat into the hopper.

It is also better in terms of safety. The risk of contamination in case of electric meat grinders is much lower, since there’s no need to touch the meat quite as often as with their manual counterparts.

It also has to be mentioned that thanks to the faster grinding rate you don’t need to worry about putting raw meat in warmer temperatures for too long – which also makes it more efficient at grinding meat in bigger amounts.

All in all, electric meat grinders make a perfect option for casual and dedicated fans of meat grinding alike. I could recommend them because of how convenient and efficient they are, and because of the time and money they can save you long-term.

Then there’s their long lifespan, which means that they will keep serving any fan of cooking for a long period of time, which will make them truly worth the money put in them.