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The Best Meat Slicers in 2020

You certainly know the meat slicer very well from butcher stores but it’s worth knowing that it isn’t an expensive device and everyone can actually buy it without spending a fortune.

It’s a great solution in a situation where you need to slice large quantities of meat and more, but in this guide I will mostly focus on meat.

An advantage of meat slicers is the adjustable slice thickness and speed.

Of course these are not intended for every type of meat out there, like brisket or steak, in such cases I recommend dedicated knives.

If, on the other hand, you have a big family or simply often slice large quantities of meat, then such solution might turn out to be brilliant for you.

The Best Meat Slicers in 2020

A very good slicer that comes with everything you need at a decent price.

Chef’sChoice 615A has everything that’s needed for effective slicing.

It has a standard 120 watt motor that is more than enough for standard household use. When needed, it can handle working at higher revolutions if there’s a lot to do.

It has a 7 inch blade that you can remove for easier cleaning.

The blade size itself isn’t particularly large but as I mentioned above, it is more like a suggestion for everyday household use.

It has adjustable thickness but it isn’t that much accurate if you want the thinnest slices.

On top of that, the device is a little loud, but not enough to make it a problem.

The entire construction is well designed, which makes the slicer easy and safe to use, although I still suggest using adequate gloves. All it takes for an accident to happen with this kind of devices is a slight distraction which is why I believe it is better to keep certain precautions.

Another suggestion by me is for those who expect very high quality but remember, get a lot more money ready.

Despite not being the cheapest, it is a slicer that can easily compete with commercial models available at much higher prices.

The first thing catching attention is the great appearance together with an impressive blade made of carbon steel (sized 10 inches).

The size, the quality and the blade’s sharpness make this a versatile slicer that can do a lot of things. It will easily handle such things as more demanding pieces of meat.

Another advantage is a pretty powerful 240 watt motor – such unit makes it a very efficient device.

In theory, it is a great device for household use, but it will also work with higher workload, even on a regular basis.

A solid adjustment together with a great blade make it possible to easily slice it as thinly as you wish.

It is definitely a suggestion for those more demanding but in return you really get what you pay for. Which means a very well made slicer with a great, durable blade and efficient motor.

3. Chefman Die-Cast Meatl Slicer - Best Budget Pick

For the most basic use, I can recommend slicers from Chefman.

It is definitely not a product from the top price range, it’s a suggestion for those with a very limited budget.

It is not made of the best quality materials, but it does offer the most important thing – the ability to easily slice food.

If you don’t spend hours slicing and only slice the basic things from time to time, such slicer should be more than enough for you. Of course you should still keep in mind that it is not a very durable device.

Contrary to a popular belief, despite the low price it has a 180 watt motor, which is a decent result.

In practice, though, it’s a pretty loud slicer that takes some time when it comes to the most demanding meat.

In conclusion, if you very rarely use a slicer then there’s really no need to buy something more expensive, a slicer like this one will be perfect.

Another option worth checking out is Cusimax Meat Slicer.

It has a decent 7.5 inch blade that is fairly easy to remove for thorough cleaning.

The adjustment of slicing thickness works fairly well which combined with the blade also gives satisfying results.

It’s a pretty slow slicer despite its 200 watt motor, which translates to slightly poorer results when it comes to more demanding things.

Still, I believe that it’s a good choice for regular household use.

The construction isn’t among the best in terms of materials, but for that kind of money it is most certainly okay.

It has all the essentials, is easy to use, inexpensive and most importantly effective – if my previous suggestions weren’t to your liking then maybe this model will be what you’re looking for.

What to pay attention to when buying a meat slicer

When buying a new meat slicer, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what a particular device has to offer. Take into account some of the below aspects to avoid disappointment and choose the right model.

Budget  - First and foremost, start by specifying your budget for a new meat slicer. Understand that the price range is enormous which means that you can’t expect the same thing from all models.

Blade – A thick blade works much better during more demanding uses besides the most basic thin slicing of meat and other things. When thinking about the blade, take into account that a slicer is a versatile device used to slice many other things besides meat. Pay attention to slicing thickness adjustment, the bigger the range the better. Generally speaking, the simplest slicers have blades sized about 9 inches whereas more powerful versions have blades sized about 12 inches.

Power/motor  - The bigger the power the longer you can use the slicer so analyze how often you are going to use it. Slicers with power below 120 Watt aren’t a very good solution and should be avoided. If you’re planning to slice large quantities of meat on a regular basis every day, a better solution would be to invest in a more efficient and durable motor with much more power. If, on the other hand, you’re going to use the slicer from time to time, then a model with lower power will be more than enough.

Noise – Remember that as the power grows, so does the noise level usually (although it isn’t always a correct assumption). When it comes to shopping online, on the other hand, it is better to use this kind of strategy if you don’t have a chance to see in person what it’s really like.

Ease of use and cleaning – The easiest to use will be an electric slicer where all you have to do is select the slicing thickness and you’re done. Once you’re done slicing, just remove the blade (possible in most models) and wash it, and then dry it well. Of course you don’t have to wash the blade after each use, that depends on what you are planning to slice and how often. You can see in a butcher shop how easy and fast this task is in practice when it comes to slicing.