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The Best Natural Gas Grills of 2020

This article will help you choose your new natural gas grill depending on your budget and needs.

Natural gas grills are still a minority but they’re gradually growing in popularity thanks to their advantages. First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about the amount of propane left in the tank and keep driving to get a new one if you cook a lot.

In such situation, a much better solution is a pipeline for natural gas, it is more convenient and in most cases more financially viable in the long run.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many natural gas grills available, on top of that they usually cost more. This is why in this review guide I will look into the best natural gas grills, as well as significant issues to keep in mind.


ebg-table__image Weber Spirit II E-310 NG
  • Main Space: 424 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 105 sq. in.
  • BTU: 30000
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__image Weber Genesis II E-335 NG
  • Main Space: 513 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 156 sq. in.
  • BTU: 37500
  • Burners: 3
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ebg-table__image Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 NG
  • Main Space: 500 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 200~ sq. in.
  • BTU: 24000
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__image Weber Summit S-470 NG
  • Main Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 112 sq. in.
  • BTU: 48800
  • Burners: 4
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ebg-table__image Weber Q3200 NG
  • Main Space: 280 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: N/A
  • BTU:
  • Burners: 2
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The Best Natural Gas Grills for 2020

The Natural Gas Grill enjoys a slightly lower popularity but finding the right model isn’t quite so easy. I have prepared several different options for you based on the most popular criteria but the final choice is up to you.

Think carefully about your needs and pick the model that best suits your cooking style.

1. Best Overall Weber Spirit II E-310 NG

I think that this is the best entry level natural gas grill available in the lower price range.

Of course I do realize that it is not the lowest price out there but the quality is important to me so I believe that it is better to pay a little extra and have a solid grill rather than something that will barely last for 2-3 seasons.

I have to warn you that my subsequent suggestions will be much more expensive so if you’re just starting your grilling journey or simply want a solid grill for a decent price then Weber Spirit II E-310 is a perfect choice.

A truly solidly built and durable grill covered with whole 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty which shows how seriously Weber takes their grills and customers.

To me, the three burner version offers the universal size, not too big for 1-2 people and also big enough to prepare food for a bigger number of people.

An advantage of three burners is the ability to create different heat zones, even making it possible to smoke ( see how to smoke on a gas grill ).

You are also provided with hooks to hang your tools on, folding side shelves and lots of space under the grill – all of that to make it more convenient to you.


  • The technology
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3 Burners
  • High Quality


  • Thin lid

How does it look in practice?

Three strong burners are perfect at quickly achieving an even temperature over the entire surface of the grill grates, there are no cold or hot spots, flare-ups are reduced to minimum.

There are no problems with temperature control, the grease draining system effectively collects grease on an aluminum tray which can be easily replaced with a new one any moment.

High quality of workmanship, essential features, universal size and brilliant warranty all make Weber Spirit II E-310 the best choice for most people.

2. Upgrade Pick Weber Genesis II E-335 NG Grill

This time a much more expensive suggestion, but also richer in versatile features and gadgets.

Very high quality of workmanship confirmed by 10 years of warranty and a lot of cooking space.

Weber Genesis II E-335 is the top rated natural gas grill under $1000, a model marketed towards those expecting high quality and functionality combined with adequate price.

It’s more of a suggestion for those who are experienced and know what they want as I know that most new clients won’t risk this kind of money, which is a shame as it’s really worth it. 

If you are experienced and wish to replace your grill with a new one of a much better standard, however, don’t hesitate a second.

Especially considering that, starting 2019, Weber makes it possible to buy two extra burners in the Genesis II series. I’m talking about the long-awaited sear burner and the side burner which is something that plenty of people believe should have been in the series long ago, and now it finally is.

The Genesis II E-335 version has an about 20% bigger main grilling space compared to Spirit II E-310 as well as slightly stronger burners in order to maintain an equally great efficiency.

A bigger care was taken of such details as the handle, the lid’s thickness, the hooks, the side shelves etc.

Another great move in my view is the structure’s style, it is not the “open cart design”, it’s the “cabinet” style with door, which to me looks much better while maintaining a place to store things.

This model is compatible with a wireless thermometer sold separately ( iGrill ).


  • Sear Station & Side Burner
  • Generous 10 years Warranty
  • Big Cooking Space & Cabinet Style
  • Available in many colors


  • Relatively expensive but totally worth the price

The cooking experience is great, you can feel the convenience that comes from the structure as a whole and the power of burners, which are great at handling the entire cooking surface.

The greatest advantage of this series, besides quality and efficiency of the main burners, are the extra burners.

The sear burner is great when grilling a lot of hamburgers and steaks, whereas the side burner proves itself in many additional activities such as heating up or sauce making.

The quality of elements and of workmanship is very clear here, functionality and efficiency are also very high-level. Great warranty period and adequate price make an invitation to upgrade the old grill to something much better.

3. High-End Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 NG

Time for much more expensive options, this time it’s a natural gas grill for much more than $1,000, which is something for decided and experienced fans of grilling.

Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 was mostly made of high quality stainless steel, it applies to the grill’s entire structure ( internal and external ) - certain elements, such as part of the handle, were sadly made of plastic.

A very large cooking area will allow you to cook for a large number of people without any problems.

You get 4 main burners and two additional ones at your disposal (1 infrared rear burner and 1 infrared side burner ).

The main burners allow you to very quickly achieve an evenly high temperature all over the surface.

The advantage of very expensive grills is not only the quality of workmanship, durability and warranty, but most of all functionality.

Extra features not only provide convenience but give a lot of opportunities, thus increasing the grill’s versatility significantly. When it comes to Napoleon Prestige 500, the model’s attractiveness is increased by two additional burners.

Infrared burners allow to significantly expand the menu when cooking or to achieve a much better end results of regular food.


  • A lot of features & dedicated burners
  • High Quality & Big Cooking Space


  • Price

The side infrared burner makes it possible to achieve a very high temperature in just a few seconds which makes great conditions to give meat really beautiful sear marks.

The rear infrared burner with a rotisserie kit, on the other hand, makes it possible to prepare something completely new.

Then there are also obviously all basic elements such as wheels for better mobility, big folding side shelves or a lot of space to store bbq tools behind the front door.

4. High-End Weber Summit S-470

Luxurious grill that is much more expensive than my last suggestion. It stands out with an even bigger number of extra features and is perfect for an experienced person with a big wallet.

Weber Summit S-470, thanks to many different burners and features, provides as much fun as no other grill around.

It is a very versatile grill that makes it possible to prepare very diverse food, which means that the menu at your parties might be really interesting.

I will mention the issue of price right away, the Summit series is the most exclusive series of grills. It is characterized not only by size, high quality and gadgets, but also functionality.  

Here you pay a large price for all the extra features that Summit S-470 comes with.

It’s a model for experienced cooks who know what they want, it takes skills to make proper use of all the features this grill has to offer.

The entire structure includes as many as 8 burners, 4 out of them intended for heating up the main cooking area. The rest of them, on the other hand, were designed with specific activities in mind, for example the sear burner makes it possible to create beautiful sear marks on food’s surface.

The side burner makes it possible to prepare sauces or any additions  that you used to prepare in the kitchen.

The smoker burner together with the smoker box makes it possible to enrich the food’s flavor by producing smoke that is valuable when grilling ( Check wood smoking flavor chart ).

The infrared rear rotisserie burner, on the other hand, will make it possible to prepare food you’ve never been able to make on a regular grill, it achieves high temperatures in a very short time.


  • A lof of Features & Burners
  • Top Quality
  • Big Space & Efficiency


  • High Price

All those burners give incredible cooking opportunities, if somebody loves to experiment in the kitchen, Weber Summit-S470 is a perfect choice.

Remember that each of those burners works independently which means that you can use them any way you want when cooking.

On top of that, the grill is equipped with all kinds of hooks, big folding side shelves, a thermometer, a solid steel handle and a whole lot of space hidden behind the door.

Let me repeat that it’s a perfect model for someone who is experienced and loves gadgets. All those interesting features give a lot of fun and make it possible to experiment.

Sadly, it all has its price, and Summit S-470 is among the most expensive grills, which you should also keep in mind.

5. Portable Weber Q3200 NG

The most compact natural gas grill, made with small spaces in mind such as a small backyard, terrace or balcony. It looks completely different from all my other suggestions, it isn’t quite so massive.

Don’t let that fool you, though, Weber Q3200 is a solidly built grill made of high quality materials. The main body was made of cast aluminum which means you can be sure it is corrosion resistant.

The rest of the structure is mostly high quality durable plastic, which is also corrosion resistant. It’s the main reason why Q3200 is available at a pretty affordable price compared to other competitive grills.

Waiting for you under the lid is whole 393 square inches of cooking area, which is a great number for such compact grill. Adequate temperature, on the other hand, is ensured by two cleverly placed burners, which are great at achieving high temperatures without cold/hot spots.

It comes with a lower shelf for storing accessories, several hooks to hang tools from, folding side shelves, a built-in thermometer, easy to clean grease collecting system and the ability to replace the traditional grill grates with a griddle that is sold separately.


  • Stand with foldable sides
  • Easy to clean & Portable
  • Great Warranty & Quality


  • Only 2 Burners

If you’re looking for something different from a traditional full-featured grill then Weber Q3200 will be a perfect choice, especially if you don’t have much space on your balcony or small terrace. A huge advantage is that most of materials used to make this grill are corrosion resistant ( plastic and cast aluminum ).

Buyer's Guide

You still can’t decide which natural gas grill will be best for you after seeing my suggestions? I have to admit there’s plenty of different models which is why I understand your struggle. Below I have presented to you the most important tips to take into account when looking for a new grill.

I know that shopping tends to be very often complicated, which makes it very important for you to check out my tips in order to avoid any possible disappointment. When buying a new natural gas grill, carefully analyze all your needs, for example take into account how much space you have in your backyard and how often you cook etc.

How did I pick the best ones

To tell you the truth, I’ve already come across every grill on this list long before, but those were the propane versions ( see best propane grills guide or general best gas grills list ).

This time all I had to do was check out which of my favorite grills are available in the natural gas version and base my list on that.

On top of that, I analyzed the market in order to find something new and that’s exactly what I got.

When creating a list of grills, I take many aspects into account, mostly quality, price, functionality, size, structure type, or even warranty – once I have the final list I move on to the practical tests.

Why Natural Gas Version ?

Natural gas has one downside right away, it requires an adequate installation at home and sadly this is not available everywhere. On top of that, it significantly impairs mobility, Your grill has to stay in a place that allows to plug the hose to the natural gas pipeline.

The installation itself is quite expensive but in a long run you get it all back as natural gas is cheaper than propane.

When it comes to the upsides, on the other hand, the biggest one is certainly convenience. You don’t have to worry about how much gas is left in the tank or to get a new one once in a while. Plenty of people believe that it is not a bother, but if you have a big grill then believe me, a much better solution is natural gas.

What to look for in natural Gas Grill

Price Range – Natural gas grills are very expensive, it’s difficult to buy something at a very low price. There are only a few models worth your money at lower prices but they won’t be very low. If you’re looking for something better then get ready for having to prepare much more money.

Size – Carefully analyze your needs, mostly how many people you are going to cook for. If you often throw parties for bigger numbers of people or simply have a large family then a big grill will be a good choice. If you rarely cook for a bigger number of people or never at all, however, there’s no point buying something big, the bigger the grill the more expensive it is and takes more fuel to warm up.

Number of burners – It mostly applies to full-sized grills, my recommended number is at least three burners. Such number allows to independently control as many as three heat zones. There are many ways you can utilize that, for example by cooking different food at different temperatures at the same time, or by starting to smoke using indirect heat.

Intended use – Take into account the environment where your grill is going to be kept. Do you have a large backyard, or maybe a balcony or terrace? Depending on the place, you should pick a grill of the right size. Some models are more mobile than others and will work much better in small spaces, for example in cities.

Extra features – Additional dedicated burners increase the versatility of a grill. Sider burner, sear burner, smoker burner, rotisserie burner all significantly increase the price but if you love grilling and cook a lot, then it’s worth investing in a grill equipped with such gadgets.

Mobility – It’s usually an important aspect in urban areas where you usually don’t have much space for a stationary grill. In such situations, a mobile grill works great, as you can easily and conveniently fold it and put it away once you’re done cooking, which lets you get back some of the space. Sadly, you can forget about cooking away from home on a natural gas grill due to needing an access to a natural gas pipeline.

Warranty – Most natural gas grills are a huge expense so it’s better to have some form of protection. Different things might happen, the manufacturer won’t always notice a flaw during the manufacturing process. That’s why it’s better to get the best possible warranty, especially if you’re planning to buy something more expensive.