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The Best Portable Gas Grills for 2020

Are you ready to spend time outside, camping or on the beach?

I think you’ll agree with me on one thing:

It’s impossible these days to grill outside without a good portable grill. 

Which means there’s one problem - You need a special lightweight and small-sized portable grill that is always ready to work and built in a way that allows to easily bring it along wherever you like.

It took me a lot of time to analyze and test the most popular options. I compared all the parameters and evaluated the price difference.

Based on my tests and analysis, the best portable gas grills are: 

  1. Best Overall: Weber Q1200
  2. Runner Up: Coleman RoadTrip 285
  3. Best Tabletop Pick: Cuisinart CGG-200

Now all that is left to do is decide what type of a portable grill will suit you the best.

Comparison Table


Cooking Space


( Pounds )


weber q 1200

Best Overall

Weber Q 1200 

189 sq. in.


Coleman RoadTrip 285

Runner Up

Coleman RoadTrip 285

285 sq. in.


Cuisinart CGG-200

Best Tabletop

Cuisinart CGG-200

240 sq. in.


The Best Portable Gas Grills of 2020

The price range is wide, which is why I present you with a longer list of grills.

1. Best Overall Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200 is the number one to me in terms of quality and efficiency. 

If you’re looking for a reliable portable propane grill, it is definitely a good choice for you. The truly high-quality, very well thought-out structure is brilliant. 

The cooking area is 189 square inches, is it not enough? In that case take a look at its bigger model ( Weber Q2400 ).

A very efficient burner that warm up the grill to the right temperature very fast.

In order to start the grill, you need a small propane tank, these are very lightweight which makes them great when camping etc.

I really like the versatility of Weber Q1200, why? It’s not simple grill that you bring along when camping. It also works great in urban spaces and anywhere with a little space available ( balconies, terraces, small backyards or patios ).

It is a portable gas grill that can replace a full-sized grill for many people.

All you have to do is also buy a special stand to put your grill on, and when you’re done cooking, just fold everything up and hide it so that it doesn’t take space.

Q Portable Cart – you should definitely buy this and you’ll be able to use your grill on a stationary stand.

Remember that when taken off the stand, it also sits very well on a tabletop, beach or camping ground or in a park.

weber q portable cart

When it comes to camping or any road trips, on the other hand, this is undoubtedly the number one. In such case the weight doesn’t matter that much, it’s all about efficiency.

If you don’t bring it outside too often, on the other hand, I recommend buying a special adapter that will allow you to plug your grill to a large propane tank ( like a 20 lb tank ).

The body and the lid were made of cast aluminum, which guarantees great durability and lack of problems with rusting ( aluminum is corrosion-resistant ). Just read the reviews in different stores and watch videos on YouTube, and you’ll see I’m telling the truth.

Of course, the price is much higher than with other grills, but it is absolutely justified when we take the quality of workmanship and durability into account.

Accessories such as Q Portable Cart or adapter hose raise the price significantly, but I still believe that it’s the best choice among grills in this category, even with the price of the accessories included. 


  • Efficient and durable
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Easy to clean


  • A little too heavy ( most suitable for cars )

In conclusion, it’s the number one among portable grills fueled with propane from small lightweight tanks.

It is one of the few portable gas grills where efficiency is at a similar level to full-sized grills.

A small downside for many people is the price, but considering the quality of workmanship and efficiency, I guarantee that it will be money very well spent.

2. Runner Up Coleman RoadTrp 285

There’s plenty of upsides as well as few downsides that this grill has.

First I’ll list the upsides, but you have to know that this grill is great for road trips.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 is a great choice for camping, picnics and all kinds of road trips.

A very large cooking area for a portable grill, 285 square inches plus interchangeable cooking plates.

You can replace the grill grates with stove grates and griddle, unfortunately they are sold separately which raises the overall price significantly.

Your own integrated stand that you can fold up any moment. When folded-up, it has two wheels on the bottom and a handle on the top, which makes it possible to conveniently transport this grill. 

After folding up, it fits most car trunks. Of course, the listed above Weber Q 1200 also has a stand/cart, but you have to buy it separately, which significantly raises the price of the entire grill with accessories.

The cooking area was divided into two sectors, each of them has a separate burner underneath with makes it possible to cook in two different sectors of different temperatures.

The overall quality of this grill is satisfying, one poorer element is the plastic wheels which are not high-quality.

One downside is that it weights twice as much as Weber Q1200, which doesn't make it a lightweight portable grill that you can easily bring along anywhere you want.


  • The price
  • The grilling area
  • An integrated stand and 3 burners


  • The quality of elements is not very high
  • The grease tray access is difficult
  • Low-quality wheels

Large area allows to prepare food for a really big number of people. The grill has three burners that allow to create two sectors of different temperatures.

Another upside is ability to replace the grill grates with griddle.

If you can’t afford Weber Q1200 and want a slightly cheaper but equally efficient portable grill that is great for camping or road trips, then pick Coleman RoadTrip 285, you won’t regret spending the money.

3. Best Tabletop Pick: Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods

The Cuisinart CGG-200 All foods has several upsides and downsides.

It has a big cooking area ( 240 square inches ), enough place to make food for several people.

Warms up fast and is good at holding heat.

It uses small disposable gas tanks, if you wish to use a bigger propane tank ( 20 lb ) you have to buy a hose adapter separately.

This tabletop grill is lightweight and mobile, it has two side shelves that offer a lot of work space.

Sadly, it doesn’t come with a stand which means you’ll have to prepare the right spot to put this grill on.


  • Large cooking area
  • Elegant design


  • Low workmanship ( especially the side shelves )
  • The price

It is good for those who wish to use it at home, small patio or the balcony. 

The quality isn’t fully satisfying, if you take good care of this grill I am sure you will be happy with them for years.

Buying Guide

portable gas grill buyers guide

Let me list the most important things you have to pay attention to before buying a new portable grill.

Analyze them carefully and you’ll certainly make the right choice.

Portable gas grill work very well not only when camping or on the beach. They are also very functional in the home environment, with little space outside ( balcony, small patio, small terrace in an apartment ).

Each of us has their own individual needs – isn’t it true? Each of us is different, one person spends their time fishing alone or with their buddy, while another spends their time camping with a group of friends. Why am I writing this?

It’s because choosing a portable gas grill should start with analyzing one’s own lifestyle. Where you spend your time and how plays the key role.

Where you are going to use the grill

You spend a lot of time with your friends or family outside? You often go camping for a long time? You’re planning to go fishing with a buddy, or maybe you’re just going to the park with few people for a picnic?

Depending on how you spend your time outside most often, you need to choose the right grill.

It might be a small and lightweight grill that you can easily carry around in one hand or a slightly bigger one that you can bring along in your car for camping where you’ll have to cook a lot of food.

It might also be possible that you need a portable gas grill for a small patio or a balcony in the city. In such case the best solution would be a slightly bigger grill with a stand, which is efficient and portable at the same time.

You already know where you’re going to cook food the most, now let’s move on to the next stage.

However if you need a way bigger, full-size grill check out my guide to the best gas grills.

What to pay attention to

Size and Weight – Right at the beginning, analyze the size of your grill, as it has a significant impact on its weight and your convenience. Depending on where you’re going to cook food, check out if the grill fits the size of your car trunk, your backyard or balcony. You can evaluate it by checking the size and weight of a grill.

The cooking area – pay attention to how much food you’re going to cook. If you’re going camping with plenty of people, it’s a good idea to consider a bigger grill. If you’re planning to go fishing with a friend on the other hand, the best solution will be a smaller grill.

The workmanship and durability – That’s quite a difficult topic, it is the easiest to say „You get what you pay for”. If you want your grill to be durable you should pay attention to what materials it was made of. You should also pay attention to details, the bolts and other elements not visible at first glance. Make sure if they aren’t made of the lowest quality materials, such as plastic.

The gas tanks - Most models run on small propane tanks, they are very lightweight and work great when the weight makes a difference to us. When you don’t move around too much, on the other hand, a better solution will be to buy a special hose adapter. In most cases you have to buy it separately, but it’s worth spending extra money on. That way you’ll be able to use a 20-pound propane tank, it’s an economical solution in a long run.

Price to quality ratio - You have to accept that you get what you pay for. That’s why you shouldn’t expect from very cheap grill that will be durable, efficient and lasting forever. For the lowest price you can get a grill that will serve its purpose for some time. If you want a very durable grill that will last for years, buy something more expensive.