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Best Small Gas Grills for 2019

You don’t have much space and are wondering if there’s even a point thinking about any type of grill?

Not having much space can’t prevent you from grilling as long as you have a small enough gas grill that matches your patio or balcony.

When thinking about a small grill, a lot of you are probably worried about poorer quality or simply lack of interesting features. I have great news for you, there’s a lot of small gas grills that offer just as great efficiency and quality as full-sized grills.

In order to help you look, I have prepared a short guide and a list of the best small gas grills designed for different places and uses.

I was able to find several very diverse models that will live up to the expectations of most people ( I regularly use three of them ).

Best Small Gas Grills 2019 - Comparison Table


Cooking Space


weber spirit II e-210

Best Overall

Weber Spirit II E-210

406 total sq. in.

Char-Broil Performance 300

Runner Up

Char-Broil Performance 300

447 total sq. in.

weber q 1200

Portable & Durable

Weber Q1200

153 sq. in.

Coleman RoadTrip 285


Coleman RoadTrip 285

285 sq. in.

4 Best Small Grills for Small Spaces

It is hard to find a solid and small-sized gas grill, but with use of my knowledge and experience I was able to prepare as many as four great options for you. Each of them is worth attention which is why you should carefully analyze your needs especially if you want mobility.

1. Best Overall Weber Spirit II E-210

The best stationary small gas grill available on the market. If you have already come across weber grills before, you have to know that when it comes to this  model you can expect all that’s the best.

Weber Spirit II E-210 was designed in order to meet the requirements of those with limited space in their backyard, on their balcony or patio while also maintaining high efficiency and functionality just like in a big gas grill.

For a small gas grill, the cooking area under the lid is very large. You have a total of 450 square inches of cooking area at your disposal, heated by two strong and very efficient burners.

An advantage of the structure of this grill are folding side shelves that allow to save even more space once you’re done cooking. In case you wanted to quickly move your grill to a different spot, you can do that thanks to two big wheels.

Weber Spirit II E-210 is equipped with the GS4 Grilling System technology, only present in much more expensive models before.

I also really like the ability to choose one out of four different colors, configurations of this type should be more easily available.

A huge upside is whole 10 years of full warranty, it is something no competitive manufacturer offers. Weber perfectly knows the quality of their products and it is nice to know that they approach their customers this way, providing them with support after purchase for such a long amount of time.


  • High Quality & Great Features
  • Fast and efficient
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • 10 Years Warranty


  • Thin lid

For those who value technology and gadgets, it is possible to buy a iGrill3 thermometer sold separately. This gadget makes it possible to monitor and configure the grilling process from a tablet or phone screen while away from the grill.

Which is why I believe this is the best small gas grill that has all the characteristics of a regular grill. It warms up very fast and evenly, it comes with all the necessary features and stands out with great quality.

The small-sized structure is mobile and really doesn’t take a lot of space so I encourage you to see if this model will fit in your space, if it does then don’t hesitate buying it.

2. Runner Up Char-Broil Performance 300

Another small gas grill that maintains the parameters and features of a regular grill, but is slightly smaller than my previous suggestion, as well as cheaper.

Overall I believe that Performance 300 is the best model in the Char-Broil offer in every regard. This brand is mostly associated with lower or medium price range budget grills but this model proves that one can make a very efficient and functional gas grill for that kind of money.

Under the lid you will find 400 square inches of total cooking area and two burners that are great at handling this kind of space.

Plenty of people may like the “cabinet” structure that is characterized by the front door behind which you can hide the tank and grilling accessories.

If you wish to get even more space you can fold the side shelves, and when you want to change the grill’s location, you can do that thanks to as many as four wheels in the structure’s base.

When it comes to the quality, just like I mentioned above, I am super satisfied in this regard and my hat goes off to Char-Broil for creating this grill so well for this kind of money.


  • Removable grease tray ( makes it easier to clean )
  • Efficient
  • Enough cooking space


  • No extra features

It doesn’t have any interesting features or gadgets so technology enthusiasts will be disappointed. However, it does have everything necessary to prepare great food, which will be appreciated by those who value simplicity and efficiency.

So if you don’t have much space for a grill then Char-Broil Performance 300 should make a good choice in terms of size, functionality, efficiency and quality, especially at that kind of price.

3. Portable & Durable Weber Q1200

A phenomenal gas grill that was mostly designed with people who travel a lot in mind but it will work just as great as a stationary grill wherever mobility and size matter a lot.

Why only the third place on my list of the best small gas grills?

Mostly due to the fact that this is not a typical regular grill and due to the price being pretty high compared to my previous suggestions.

It is a small downside that the stand is sold separately which significantly increases the final price for grill + stand. However, once you own this kind of configuration, you will start to really appreciate its advantages and functionality.

I highly recommend it to people who often change their place of residence, travel or simply have a very limited space. Once you’re done cooking, all you have to do is remove the grill’s body, fold the side shelves and store it away, the same is to be done with the folding stand.

Under the lid you will find 189 square inches of grilling space and only one burner. Don’t worry, the burner is strong enough to perfectly handle warming up such small-sized area under the lid.

A very huge advantage of Weber Q1200 is not only its mobility and size, but also its phenomenal quality and durability as well as great warranty.


  • Efficient and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Stand sold separately

As I have already mentioned, it is a gas grill designed with traveling in mind. Without a doubt, it takes the first place in my other guide as the best portable gas grill.

When traveling or often changing the place for whatever reason, a grill is at risk of different damages and malfunctions. Weber Q1200 is in my eyes one of the most durable and solidly built grills I have ever come across in my career.

4. Versatile Coleman RoadTrip 285

Another very mobile small gas grill that can be used as a stationary grill and as a a portable one. An advantage here is the integrated stand that you don’t have to pay extra for or buy separately.

The structure was designed in a very interesting way, the grill’s body together with the stand fold into something that looks like a small-sized suitcase with a handle and two wheels for convenient transportation.

Coleman RoadTrip offers whole 285 square inches of the main grilling area. It’s a whole lot considering that it is a mobile version of a gas grill.

The whole surface is heated by three burners, and each of them can be adjusted separately, thus creating different heat zones.

It is also a versatile grill that makes it possible to replace the grill grates with separately sold griddle. It gives many more opportunities when it comes to what you can cook.

Once it’s unfolded, you can also get out the side shelves that are always an upside as they give a little more work space.


  • Price
  • Enough grilling space
  • 3 Burners
  • An integrated stand


  • The grease tray access is difficult

I recommend this grill to those who don’t have much space and travel a lot. Without a doubt, Coleman RoadTrip will work great when camping or at any type of road trip.

It doesn’t come with innovative technologies or gadgets, but it does have what is to be expected from every small grill. It is efficient, easy to use, mobile, comes with a stand and is available at a decent price.

Buyer's Guide

I think that once you read my reviews for the best small gas grills you are ready to make the final decision on what to buy. On the other hand, I also take into account that my suggestions will make it even harder for you to choose. In order to solve your problem once and for all, I have prepared several important tips on what to pay attention to when looking for a small gas grill. Don’t worry, thanks to that information you will be 100% sure what to do.

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How did I pick the best ones ?

Thanks to the “small gas grills” category my task was much easier. Individual categories are less popular which made it easier for me to choose several potential grills.

Based on my experience and discussions with several other people, I have created a list that I then gradually eliminated poorer grills from.

That way a list was made of only a few models worth testing and, what is important, your time and money.

How I test ?

I have to admit that due to a huge experience with all types of smokers my tests were much less complicated.

After majority of the grills I actually already knew what to expect due to having tested them in the past or simply having them in my backyard.

Still, I got prepared for the tests professionally and I once again took a careful look at each model from the ground level.

People look for small gas grill for many reasons, mostly due to their small size and mobility.

In this regard, I evaluated each of the models and took a careful look at all the details in order to evaluate the quality of workmanship and durability.

What to Look for in a Small Grill

When looking for the best small gas grill, one has to pay attention to several basic aspects that not everyone remembers about. Don’t let your purchase to be a disappointment to you, get properly prepared for purchasing a new small grill by utilizing my tips below.

  • Cooking Space / Size – In this category you can expect 150 to about 400 square inches of cooking area. Pay attention to the difference between the main cooking area and the overall area together with a heated rack for example. The size is actually up to personal preference, completely dependent on how much space you have for your grill.
  • Mobility – After each cooking you hide away the grill so that you have more space or you simply travel a lot? In such situation, it’s a good idea to check out a small gas grill that was mostly designed with mobility in mind. Such grill usually comes with a folding stand and side shelves and is ready for use after assembly ( no more than a few minutes ).
  • Stand/ Cooking Space – Think about where you are going to cook, if you are going to have enough work space there. All kinds of side shelves or stands are essential when grilling so it’s a good idea to have them.
  • Accessories – All types of racks, folding elements, or replaceable grill grates/griddle not only increase versatility but most of all convenience. Certain solutions really increase convenience when moving the grill around a lot. For example, check out if your grill has a lock that prevents the lid from opening during transportation.
  • Warranty – Of course the longer the warranty period the better, so it’s important to check that out before buying a grill. Manufacturers have different approaches to the topic which makes it a good idea to see if a grill you’re buying has a warranty adequate to the price.
  • Quality of workmanship and durability – At the first glance it’s hard to see if a grill is really going to be durable. If you move around or travel a lot then durability is one of the most important advantages of a grill. A great indicator for you on whether a grill is durable might be the manufacturer’s warranty period. Pay attention to how many years the manufacturer offers, the more the better, obviously. Compare it with reviews from other buyers, it often happens that a great and very durable grill only has 1 year of warranty. In the next step you can check the type of materials the grill was made of and their class.

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