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The Best Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills

Smoking on a gas grill is most certainly possible, you just need the right accessories.

In that case it’s a smoker box, in this guide you will learn how it works and discover my favorite models.

It’s a very easy way to significantly enrich food cooked on a gas grill. The smoky flavor is easy to achieve, which makes it a worthy option, especially considering it doesn’t cost much.

When choosing the best smoker box for a gas grill, you mostly have to pay attention to the quality and the built. There are many options available on the market, and not all of them are made equally good, which is why I prepared this guide to help you make the right choice.

The Best Smoker Boxes for Gas Grill for 2020

Based on my own experience, I have chosen several really noteworthy options. They mainly differ in size, shape, the material they were made of and obviously the price.

A perfect smoker box to start with, very well-made and available at a low price.

It is small-sized but it can fit enough wood chips.

You can easily refill your smoker box with new wood chips at any time thanks to the lid with hinges.

There are only holes in the top part, which means you don’t have to worry about wood chips getting burned very fast from direct exposure to flames. 

Some manufacturers of smoker boxes don’t take that into account, although it is very important.

If you believe that this Cave Tools Smoker Box is too small for you, check out its bigger version.

The thick enough stainless steel guarantees much better durability, extending its lifetime significantly compared to a poorly made smoker box.

Of course you can use it not only with a gas grill, but also with a propane smoker for example.

A very durable, inexpensive, small-sized and effective smoker box.

It was made of cast iron, which is famous for its durability especially in the kind of conditions present when cooking on a grill.

It doesn’t have holes in the lower part, just big holes on the top, which effectively prevents catching on fire.

Sadly, there is no lid on hinges here, which means you will need the right accessories to remove it when cooking. 

It isn’t a problem though, as we all have a lot of grilling tools that will work perfectly in this situation.

The greatest advantage of this smoker box is simply its durability for small money. Cast iron is a durable material and it really takes a lot of force to damage/break it.

The special V-shaped construction ensures better fit between flame deflector bars.

It’s another solid smoker box designed mainly with gas grills in mind due to its shape.

Sadly, it isn’t very big, but it doesn’t cost much either, so it’s a good idea to consider buying two.

That way you can ensure continuous production of smoke during long cooking by putting a new smoker box in at the right moment.

The lid has hinges which allows you to easily add new wood chips at any time.

The holes located only in the upper part effectively protect the wood chips from catching on fire.

Don’t forget about cleaning so that the smoker box can last for much longer while being less exposed to accumulating humidity and in turn to corrosion.

A small downside might be the fact that this shape only fits gas grills.

A great smoker box designed for gas and charcoal grills, or even for electric smokers.

It was made of good quality steel, which makes it durable.

It offers large capacity and makes it possible to easily refill wood chips thanks to the opening lid on hinges.

The box was designed to be placed on the grill grates as close to the burner as possible.

That way you can be sure that the wood chips won’t catch on fire from the fairly large holes.

If you have very often used tinfoil and wood chips so far, it’s about time to buy a dedicated smoker box. It is not an expensive accessory, and it’s definitely effective and valuable enough to have it in your equipment.

Especially if you cook very often on a gas grill and would like to get a better flavor.

Why use a smoker box

It makes it possible to create smoke where it is normally not possible, which means things like gas or electric grills.

Smoke is made from burning wood or charcoal and it has a very good impact on the food’s flavor. The smoky flavor of meat is the most desirable thing in grilling and smoking, it gives a characteristic flavor to food, which is what we all love real barbecue for.

When it comes to a smoker box, the smoke is made thanks to small wood chips.

A solution of this type is especially popular in propane or electric smokers where there is no other option for generating smoke.

Can it only be used with a gas grill?

A smoker box can be used with most types of grills as long as the shape allows it. You can easily use it with an electric or propane smoker, as well as a charcoal grill to further enrich the flavor by using non-standard wood.

What to pay attention to when choosing a smoker box

Material – First and foremost, take a look at what material the smoker box was made of. Is it the cheapest steel (poor quality) or maybe high quality stainless steel or cast iron, which is characterized by much better durability.

Size and shape – Next check out whether the size will fit your grill size. Also pay attention to whether the shape is universal (good for all types of grills) or V-shaped (designed mainly for gas grills).

Ease of use – A smoker box is a fairly simple thing but it’s better for it to have a lid with hinges. It makes it much easier to open the box to comfortably add new wood chips.