what is a pellet grill and smoker

How to use a Pellet Grill

The pellet grill & Smoker is a great device that combines the best characteristics  of a grill such as smoke flavor of the food and

smoking meat mistakes

Top 19 Most Common Smoking Mistakes

The food smoking process is much more difficult than grilling. It requires much more knowledge, patience and remembering about many other rules so that the

How to use a Kamado Grill

A Kamado Cooker is a versatile grill that makes it possible to grill, roast and smoke food. If you’ve just bought a new Kamado grill

how to protect grill from rusty

How to Keep Grill from Rusting

Regardless of what type of grill you have purchased, it is your investment for many years before you replace it with a new one. Obviously,

smoked tuna

How to smoke tuna – recipe

Are you tired of red meat on the barbecue? Would you like something different, like white meat? Grilled tuna, a great freshwater fish, a great