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How to smoke a salmon? Today I’ll try to answer that question

When we usually hear about a salmon, it makes us think of a quick snack than can be bought in a store ( grilled salmon ). Salmon is a very good fish that is popular pretty much worldwide. There’s plenty of methods and recipes for how to prepare a good salmon.

Today you’ll learn how to grill a salmon as well as find the answer to all the questions like "how long to smoke salmon".

Salmon has quite a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that are very good for our body.

Smoking a salmon isn’t something complicated. It takes a little time and makes a great method for the first step in the field of food smoking.

Smoking a salmon is a way to make it even tastier, so let’s find out the two methods of smoking a salmon properly.

There are two methods, the first is cold smoking

cold smoke salmon

It’s a very slow method as we smoke our salmon in very cold temperatures. This type of ready salmon will taste similar to the smoked ones straight from your store. The key to success here is the long process of smoking in low temperatures ( even over a dozen hours ).

Obviously, cold smoking preserves the fish very well. I recommend putting the salmon on a piece of aluminum foil or better yet a wooden board. ( remember to make sure the size matches the fish, so that the smoke can easily reach your salmon ).

What temperatures to smoke the salmon in, then? And how long to smoke the salmon?

Let’s start by setting the temperature at about 220 degrees F/110 degrees C for about 90 to 120 minutes per pound. How to make sure the salmon is ready? The best way will be to use a food thermometer, which should show 160 degrees F/75 degrees C for a salmon.

The best type of wood for smoking a salmon is alder wood. It gives the salmon a great flavor, it is the best to put the salmon on a wooden alder board.

Grilled salmon – how to do it

If you don’t have a smoker, but still want to cook a salmon, you can try a different way. You can very easily prepare a delicious salmon on the grill. All it takes is make the right preparations. I will show you a short recipe on how you can quickly make a delicious grilled salmon.

What do you need?

Most of all a barbecue, a salmon fillet ( with the skin ), some wood chips, cedar board, spice such as sea salt, black ground pepper, plant or rapeseed oil and lemon pieces plus few hours to make it.

salmon smoking

Use this simple recipe - 

1. How to heat up the barbecue? 

It all depends on how we want to prepare the salmon.

a) Grilling directly on the grate or on a foil, the option with no smoker box and wood chips.

All you have to do is heat up the barbecue to the average temperature of about 225 degrees F.

b) Grilling using a board and indirect grilling, the option with a smoker box and wood chips.

Set up for indirect grilling when grilling on the board. Then put the smoker box together with wood chips directly on the hot grate. I recommend using a smoking wood flavor like cherry or apple.

2. While the barbecue is heating up, you can start preparing your salmon fillets. First rinse them and then dry them. Remove pin bones, ask a butcher to do this or use tweezers to pull them out in the same direction they come out. ( see the video below on how to do it ). If you’re using a freezer salmon, leave it in the fridge for the whole night. That way it will defrost slowly in a low temperature and will be good fro grilling.

3. Seasoning – there are many different methods, but today I’ll present the simplest yet tasty option. For this recipe you’ll need salt and ground pepper, just sprinkle the both sides of the salmon with salt and pepper.

4. Different methods of grilling

a) Coat the grates with oil if you want to put the salmon directly on the grates. Remember to place the salmon with the skin down! If you don’t have skin, prepare aluminum foil, puncture it and rub it with oil, then you can put the salmon on it.

Close the lid and grill it until the salmon starts excreting fat, it looks like opaque mayonnaise-y/white stuff. 10-15 minutes for fillets 1 inch thick, for bigger ones add 10minutes for every 1 inch of thickness.

smoked salmon grates

b) If you’re using a board then simply put it on the grates ( remember that we’re using the indirect grilling method here ). That’s why the board has to laid on the cold side. It’s a long method as grilling takes about an hour.

Once you place the salmon, close the barbecue lid for about an hour. Then use a digital thermometer to control the temperature to make sure that your salmon is ready. If the fish gets an internal temperature of 150 degrees then it means that it is properly smoked and ready to eat. If the temperature is much lower after an hour of grilling, however, grill it until it reaches about 150 degrees F.

The last step is serving the salmon. Remember to serve it with lemon pieces or fresh herbs.

ready grilled salmon

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