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How to Clean & Store a Meat Grinder

It might be surprising to some people that cleaning a meat grinder is a pretty  simple process.

The process of cleaning a meat grinder is a fairly basic one, since the grinder is only made of several simple elements. In a nutshell, the meat goes through the main feed tube and then gets pushed through the grinding plate which has blades.

Every last spot inside the meat grinder has to be cleaned after each use so that it can keep grinding efficiently, and also to prevent the meat from getting contaminated.

Plenty of people who have their own meat grinders are not aware that there’s a proper way to clean them. It is important to clean a grinder the right way as it ensures that the problems described above won’t ever occur. 

Do you wish to clean your meat grinder in an effective and efficient way?

So here’s a meat grinder cleaning guide for you:

Before you Get Started

Before you start putting your grinder apart, get a slice of bread all the way through the device, just like you do with meat.

That way you make sure all the excess meat and residue get removed so that the process of washing is way more efficient. At first it can seem weird, but it will make the task much easier for you if you run few slices of bread through the grinder!

Put It Apart

clean meat grinder

Now the time has come to take your meat grinder apart.

First, for safety reasons, you should make sure that it is not plugged in and that it’s completely turned off before you begin to disassemble it. You can start by removing the grinding screw, then the cover, and then the blade and the plate.

When you’re handling the blade, you should be exceptionally careful, as it is easy to harm yourself or damage the grinder’s blade if you don’t handle it properly!

Wash it Well


It is not recommended to wash your meat grinder in a dishwasher. You are actually expected to wash it manually. It’s because dishwashers can dull the grinder’s blade, as well as etch on its other metal elements.

First you should fill up your sink with hot, soapy water, then scrub the grinder’s main body thoroughly on the inside and the outside alike. Cleaning the hopper and the feed tube should be done using a bottle brush.

If you have an electric grinder, though, you should not put the device under water, as you might damage its motor. A better solution is to rinse the faucet all around the device’s tube and hopper, while making sure you keep the motor dry.

Next you wash all the elements of your meat grinder as well as accessories included with the device, and pretty much everything else that touched meat in any way.

Dry It Properly

When all the elements of your meat grinders are already washed thoroughly, get each of them dried using a dry towel, and make sure it’s clean.

Don’t try to air dry! You need to dry each of the elements on the inside and outside, as if you leave anything wet, it might get rusty. Make sure that each of the elements is bone-dry, and only leave the plastic ones to air dry.


Now that you know how to properly clean your meat grinder, storing it is not a big deal.

Why should all of that effort go to waste?

Don’t forget to finish your job by properly storing the meat grinder and all of its elements.

For that purpose, after you have dried off all of your meat grinder parts, spray a little bit of mineral oil (or spread it manually) on the inside and on the outside of every element.


Then you should store the disassembled grinder by putting every small element into a separate plastic bag filled with rice. The rice is there to keep your meat grinder dry so that it doesn’t rust.

Tip: Before you use your meat grinder again, disinfect it by spraying it with an equal blend of bleach and water. Meat is easy to infect if you ignore the above instructions.

It’s better to take some extra precautions every time you use your meat grinder than end up with someone getting sick.