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How to Keep Grill from Rusting

Regardless of what type of grill you have purchased, it is your investment for many years before you replace it with a new one.

Obviously, a lot also depends on what materials it was made of and how it was built. If you want your grill to serve you for as long as possible, take good care of it, and you will certainly extend its lifespan.

The greatest problem that affects grills is rust. There are several methods that will help you protect your grill from rust, but none of them guarantees it, especially if you live close to bodies of water (swimming pool, river, seashore etc ).

The best protection is frequent checkups, so that in the event of rust appearing you can react quickly and not ignore this fact until things get worse.

How to Keep Grill from Rusting

protet grill from rust

Below you’ll find several tips on what to do and what not to do to properly protect the grill from corrosion.

1# Keep the grill clean – It is the best to clean the grates with a brush after each cooking to get rid of food remains and to remove ash in case of charcoal grills. On top of that, clean the entire grill thoroughly once in a while, both on the inside and on the outside. Use warm water, a sponge and gentle soap for that. Gas grills have burners with holes that can get clogged with food remains, at least once a season try to clean them using a sponge and a brush. After cleaning, wipe the water off the grill so that it’s dry.

2# Dry the grill after cleaning – If you clean the entire grill thoroughly then remember to dry it very well. It really is very important, as the water collected inside the grill causes a very high risk of rust occurring. Check out all the nooks and crannies that some water might stick in. After cleaning the grill it is the best to carefully wipe it with a dry, soft cloth or paper towels. When it comes to gas grills, you can warm them up over 10-15 minutes to make sure there is no water left.

3# Preserve the grill grates – Depending on what grates you have, you have to rub them with oil after each cooking. It is obligatory to preserve cast-iron grates, it is also a good idea to rub steel grates with oil. When is it not necessary? In case of grill grates coated with porcelain, their surface effectively protects from corrosion as long as it’s not damaged.

4# Use a grill cover – Most people keep their grill in the backyard, often without any cover. You need to know that humidity is the greatest enemy of your grill. If you wish your grill to be in a perfect condition for a long time and not get affected by rust, buy a cover. A custom sized cover will protect your grill from harmful weather factors such as rain, snow, freezing rain, sun or other stains. The best solution is to keep the grill under a cover every time after you’re done using it. The price of a cover is not high, so I think that every grill owner should have one.

5# Move the grill to the garage – If your grill isn’t big or it’s simply portable, you can move it to the garage or a place that is safe from humidity or weather conditions. If you live in an area with high humidity or heavy rainfalls, you should definitely think about a cover or keeping the grill in a place like the garage. Never leave the grill outside because no matter what material it was made of, if it stays for too long in unfavorable conditions then sooner or later you will have problems with rust anyway.

How to protect Grill Grates from Rust ?

rusty grill grates

After each cooking, warm up the grill over 10-15 minutes in order to burn away the food remains, then wipe the grates with a bristle-free grill brush.

Always remember to rinse, then very thoroughly dry the grates after cleaning. It is very important, as water is the main factor behind rust. Don’t leave wet grates outside to dry on their own, wipe them with paper towels to make sure they are dry.

When cleaning, use the right tools for the type of grates and try to do it with care. For example, you can’t clean porcelain grates using a steel brush with pointy tips. That way you will damage the porcelain coating which protects the grates from corrosion. When it comes to porcelain grates, the most reasonable choice is to use a nylon brush, which is gentle.

When cleaning, use gentle cleaners, avoid soaps that contain heavily corrosive substances.

If you keep your grill outside, you should definitely buy a cover in order to limit the influence of many external weather factors such as rain, snow etc.

If your grill is located not far from a body of salt water, it is another argument for definitely buying a cover.

Store the grates in a dry place, if you leave the grates outside you can be sure that sooner or later rust will appear on them.

If you notice rust on your grates, don’t ignore the problem and do something. If you put it away even for just a week, the thing will only get even worse.