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How to use Use a Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are very easy to use, and you will surely learn it in no time! Let’s analyze the basic steps so that you can better understand how simple it all really is.

  • Slice your meat into thin pieces that are three to five centimeters long. That way you can make sure that it will be easy to shove them into your grinder.
  • Place them all on a big baking sheet and then cover them all in plastic wrap.
  • Place the sliced meat in a freezer for about 30 to 40 minutes. The meat has to be cold and hard (not frozen!) in order to lower the risk of it getting stuck at the grinder’s head, especially when the meat has a lot of fat on it. Although this step is crucial for making sure that it will go through the grinder smoothly, it is also better when it comes to food safety.
  • Put the grinding plate as well as other cutting parts in a freezer together with your meat. By keeping everything cold, you make the whole process much easier. For those who plan to grind a lot of meat, it is often convenient to just keep those elements in their freezer all the time.
  • Put the grinder together and place the ingredients in the hopper. Among the possible ingredients is not only meat but also other additions you would like to blend together with your meat, like garlic or some herbs.
  • If you’re grinding meat in large quantities, you should remember to have it placed on ice in order to reduce the growth of bacteria to the minimum.Put a cooled bowl below the grinder’s spout. I recommend filling a bigger bowl with ice and then putting a smaller bowl into it in order to make sure that the end product will also be cooler.
  • Switch on your meat grinder. Most of them have instructions attached that specify the speed or setting that will be best to the user.
  • Feed the meat together with other optional ingredients into your grinder. Electric grinders often come with extra accessories called pushers that help you safely push your meat into the grinder’s hopper.

Here you go ! Your very own freshly-ground meat should start dropping into the cooled bowl. Depending on what type of electric meat grinder you own, different characteristics of your ground meat (like its texture) can be modified to fit your personal preferences.

Pro Tip: For the sake of safety, you should always remember to wash your hands and keep your workspace clean. Make sure that your meat is firm and cold, but not frozen.

Useful Tips

tips for grinding meat

There are several additional things you should know in order to make sure that you will get the best possible results out of your electric meat grinder.

First of all, you should remove tendons and all the other connective tissues, ligaments included, the best you can. If it’s not meat or fat, you have to remove it before using the meat grinder.

Whenever you start a new batch of meat, you have to perform the first grind. It means that you should always put meat through a coarse plate first before attempting to grind the meat any finer. If you don’t, there’s a risk that you may clog your grinder and therefore the texture of your final product won’t be right.

When tendons build up in the grinder’s auger, it will start producing a mushy texture. A good way to solve that issue is to switch off your meat grinder and clean your knife, auger and plate, so remember about regular cleaning.

Whenever you’re done grinding, there will always be some meat still left inside. Instead of letting all those leftovers go to waste, it is a good idea to put bread through your meat grinder so that it gets out all of the meat remains. Then you can throw away the breadcrumbs or just add them to the rest of it.

The Final Advice Regarding Grinding Meat

Just to be on the safe side, it is always better to keep everything clean. Whereas you don’t have to touch your meat with your own hands quite as often as is the case with manual meat grinders, you should still make sure that your hands and your work area are always clean so that you avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Better not take any chances when dealing with raw meat.

It should probably be obvious as well that it is better to keep all of your body parts, including hair if it is longer, away from the grinder’s hopper when it’s working. You should keep your hair tied up or hidden under a hat so that it doesn’t get caught up!

Now You Finally Know All That You Needed To Know!

Seeing what a great addition they make for every kitchen, it should be obvious to everyone that electric meat grinders can make your cooking experience much better. Thanks to being efficient as well as easy to use, they can make your meals more personalized like no other device.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to have more control over the ingredients of your food, want to experiment a little with different flavors, or simply love to prepare impressive food, once you try this neat little device, you won’t believe how you could ever live without it!

With all the different makes and models available, it might be hard to tell which of them will make the best choice for you. If you’re considering getting an electric meat grinder of your own, our advice is to do a little research regarding different types of grinders available on the market. Equipped with this knowledge, it is only a matter of time before you become a master in your kitchen!

Why you should Start Grinding Your Own Meat

grinding meat benefits

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to grind their own meat? It’s actually quite simple: because of the flavor! Obviously, that is not the only reason but when you grind your own meat, you get brilliant burgers and sausages with their own special blend. You have a full control over the ingredients of your food and once you switch to grinding your own meat, you will never want to go back to the store bought kind.

Another argument behind grinding your own meat is that it’s way more cost effective. For example, if you hunt you don’t have to hire someone else to do that for you. With all the different options of meat grinders available on the market, you will certainly find the right one for your budget. As a result, you will get food of higher quality and better taste.

It is fairly simple to learn how to grind your own meat at home. The hardest part is probably to find the best meat grinder for you. The task of choosing becomes easier once you understand if you need a manual meat grinder or an electric one. Below you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each type!

Electric Meat Grinder vs Manual

Manual Meat Grinder

manual meat grinder


They’re portable – manual meat grinders don’t need any electric outlet, which means you can grind your meat anywhere you want. They also tend to weight less than their electric counterparts.

They save money – since they don’t rely on electric power, they won’t contribute to your power usage. Manual meat grinders are also inexpensive, typically costing twenty five to fifty dollars.


They’re difficult to use – because manual meat grinders don’t have any motor power, you need to use your own muscles to grind meat. This can get quite strenuous on your body if you grind meat on a daily basis.

They’re slow – as can be expected, this type of grinders is slower than their electric counterparts.

Pro Tip: When using a manual meat grinder, store your meat in a freezer or a refrigerator until it is ready to be ground.

Electric Meat Grinder

electric grinder


They’re fast – electric meat grinders are more efficient than manual meat grinders. They grind more kilograms per minute and thanks to them being quick, you don’t need to worry about your meat being exposed to warm temperatures for too long.

Their assembly – grinders of this type are easy to assemble and to use. They don’t require you to use both of your hands, which means there’s less contact with meat.


They’re expensive – electric grinders cost more than their manual counterparts.

They need power – they rely on electricity to run.


To sum it up, the type of grinder you choose to buy depends on how often you’re going to be grinding your meat as well as your budget.

If it’s not a problem to you to use your arms and you don’t plan to use your grinder very often, then a manual meat grinder should be okay for you. But if you’re looking for something a little more powerful and quicker, then the electric meat grinder will be the best choice for you!

Now that you finally have the basic knowledge on how to grind your own meat and can tell the difference between both types of meat grinders, you are ready to make your choice!