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New Weber Gas Grills for 2018 – Weber Spirit II

Lucky are those who can cook on a grill all year round thanks to good weather, but for most of us the grilling season is only coming in huge steps. You want to be ready and replace your gas grill with a newer model ? Let me inform you that Weber has officially launched a new Weber Spirit II version that is already available for sale.

If you’re a fan of Weber grills then you should totally check out their latest offer. For now, the new Weber II series offers two models – Weber Spirit II E-210 and Weber Spirit II E-310. A lot has changed compared to the previous Weber Spirit I series. One of the biggest differences is the structure, which is open.

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More on the characteristics of the Weber Spirit II version and what makes it different from other grills can be found on the official website. As for me, I’ll try to list the key aspects.

Weber Spirit II Grills Features

Open structure – Fans of the previous Weber Spirit I series might feel very surprised as the door they used to keep the gas tank behind were replaced with a brand new open structure. It has its upsides and downsides, it is definitely much easier to get to the grease tray and you’ll find much more place under the grill for accessories. The gas tank, on the other hand, can be hanged on a hook on the side of the grill, it is much easier than plugging the tank under the grill and safer too because remember not to keep flammable things under the grill. Whether the new style of the Spirit version is nice depends obviously on everyone’s own preferences, personally I really like that change.

GS4 Technology – the four pillars of grilling or the Infinity ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars, and grease management system.

iGrill 3 – Functional Thermometer and Timer that you can connect to using a special app.

Selection of colors – Bored of the classic black color or the steel? Weber responds to the expectations of many people and offers new colors. I was very glad to have read that the new series would offer four different colors:  red, black, sapphire and ivory.

Warranty – The new models are covered with whole 10 years of warranty on all elements !

Foldable side shelf – you have the ability to fold the left side shelf, it will be useful in places with limited space.

The price has risen slightly but it’s still decent. Most of these technologies so far were available in the much more expensive Weber Genesis series. It’s nice to know that Weber offers access to great technologies at lower price. One downside that users point out is the grill’s lid which was made of much thinner steel compared to the previous series.

What will the grill be like in the future, though? We will learn that in time, the 10 year warranty from Weber on all elements certainly sounds promising but will the current model live up to the previous Weber series in terms of durability and reliability? I think it will.