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PK Grill & Smoker Review

A large percentage of American grillers prefer using the PK Grill and Smoker due to its ability to give food a smoky, tender taste, and improved flavor.

The oven is capsule-shaped and provides ample space for accommodating the grill grates, which have a large cooking surface to prepare a variety of foods over various temperatures and cooking times.

The PK Grill also features a 4-way rotating venting system for regulating the temperature accurately.

The equipment is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance to sustain its peak performance.

Below is my comprehensive PK Grill review.

The PK Grill Overview

The PK Grill is a highly versatile charcoal grill and smoker. It allows you to perform grilling quickly at high temperatures or for a longer duration at lower temperatures. The surface has a nickel-plated grid with steel hinges, which makes refueling for smoke easy—you don’t even have to remove the lid.

ebg-table__image PK Grill & Smoker
  • Cooking Space: 300 sq. in.
  • Warranty 10 years
  • Rust proof construction
  • Made in USA
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The stylish PK Grill also features a capsule design and sturdy aluminum material that gives users a myriad of benefits. Since aluminum conducts heat well, it ensures quick distribution of heat while the capsule-shaped oven helps in distributing it evenly. The food is cooked to perfection from all sides, so you don’t need to reposition the food continually while using this convenient product.

The grill has double adjustable vents at the top and two vents underneath the fire area. The 4-way venting system allows the entry of air to regulate the temperature for different cooking needs and keep it alight for longer.

The top and the bottom castings of the grill are heavy and well-customized to provide a tight seal against the loss of heat and smoke. The PK grill’s aluminum fitting is durable, withstanding harsh environmental conditions, including rust and other damage.

It is a perfect fit for camping, wet climates, lake houses, and coastal applications, for example.

The sealing top is surprisingly easy to lift despite being thick and robust, which allows you to clean the inside of it with ease. You can also detach the oven from the carrier for easy cleaning and convenient portability.

The Original PK Grill & Smoker, Classic Silver

The PK Grill‘s packages come in equal sizes unless you make a custom order for your model. Typically, the package includes the top and the bottom halves fixed with the hinged grill grate the grill cover and the shelved aluminum stand.

Custom ordering your model gives you the chance to add more grill grates, order a steel charcoal chimney, order an extra grid, and a pack for the grill tools. The grill typically measures 35.5 “L x 20.25 “W x 33.5 “H at 40 pounds.

Assembly is simple, with the one-person operation taking a maximum of fifteen minutes.

The product is available in dark charcoal gray and classic silver colors.

You can find the PK Grills by visiting an ACE Hardware store near you or ordering online through Amazon. The Google locator app will assist you in tracing the ACE store near you, but it’s easier to place a direct order from the manufacturer by visiting the PK website.

The PK Company backs your purchase of their grill capsules with a 10-year limited warranty. First, the company issues you with 30-day coverage for any defects resulting from manufacturing or delivery, thereafter the 10-year coverage takes effect.

What I like

  • The grill has a rust-proof design given its thick aluminum cast build
  • It has 360 square inches large heating grill surface, allowing for multiple cooking plus the two-zone heating
  • The 4-way venting system gives specific control of temperature and air
  • The ergonomic Tel-Tru Thermometer gives accurate temperature readings
  • Easy to use
  • 30-day coverage for defects
  • 10-year limited warranty

What I don’t like

  • You cannot adjust the height of the grill stand
  • The grill becomes extremely hot on the exterior, so you have to keep close monitoring, especially when the children are around

PK Grill History

The history of the PK Grill can be dated to 1952, when the idea was first conceived by Hilton Meigs in Tyler, TX. His idea was to come up with something long and lightweight that could perform the dual functions of heating and smoking.

The result was a long cast-made capsule-designed creation, with two pieces hinged together on one side and a grill held between them. He named it “a Portable Kitchen Grill.”

In 1960, Meigs sold his manufacturing business to Lewis Hamlin, who ceased the production of portable kitchen grills ten years after the acquisition. The PK grills could last for a lifetime, though.

In 1998, Paul James picked up a used PK grill from a yard and was incredibly impressed by its quality and performance. He took it a step further and revived the manufacturing of PK grills under his ownership.

James later partnered with Brain Taylor, Jeff Humiston, and Scott Moody from a sizeable technology company, and remain the current manufacturers and suppliers of the PK grill and smoker in today’s market.

Build Quality

The PK grill is made of rust-proof thick aluminum material, featuring an extensive grill surface of 360 square inches. It allows for two-zone cooking with ample room and a thick aluminum lid design that provides maximum sealing against the loss of heat.

The cast aluminum material offers exceptional thickness, which is ideal for heat retention. It also does not rust, unlike steel, and can withstand harsh climatic conditions and years of outdoor use.

rust proof last long pk grills

The grill has a four-way venting system that regulates the flow of air and temperature, but that is not all—it is also integrated with a Tel-Tru Thermometer, which gives precise temperature readings for various meals that can be prepared in the grill.

Cleaning the PK Grill

You need to clean the PK Grill regularly to extend its service life.

After grilling, food particles remain latched on the grill grate. Use a dry brush to wipe it vigorously, and then wash the grill grate with clean water. Then, you need to use a dry cloth to apply some cooking oil to keep the surface lubricated.

You should not apply too much oil on the grill grate as it may cause a flare-up on your next meal, though. Make sure to dispose of your ashes after grilling and keep the charcoal remains safe for the next use.

After cleaning the inner parts of the grill, use a wet cloth to wipe off dust and other debris. The cleaning cloth should be soft to avoid scratches, and you should cover the grill while in storage to prevent erosion or other damages.


The design of the PK Grill features a capsule-shaped thick aluminum material. The design, coupled with the excellent heat conduction capabilities of aluminum, gives an even distribution of heat, cooking the food from all directions. You can not only apply it for grilling but also baking, roasting, and smoking.

The grill is longer than most and has enough space to enable two-zone cooking while allowing the simultaneous use of griddles and pans.

pk grills cooking method

It is also light and has proper wheels for easy portability. The product is ideal for all your tailgating, camping, and outdoor activities. You also do not have to worry about corrosion from extended outdoor use because the PK Grill and smoker is resistant to rust and other corrosion.

The top of the oven is customized to work with the 4-vent system, which regulates airflow and heat while opening and closing the top lid. It also refuels the smoke well and ensures that your meal retains that scrumptious, smoky taste.

You can detach the oven from the stand for quick cleaning, and the removable plug at the bottom allows you to draw out the smoke with ease.

The above features make the PK Grill highly versatile as a prime piece of cooking equipment.


The PK Grill and Smoker is a must-have item if you enjoy preparing meals at home or away by grilling, roasting, smoking, and baking. It is also ideal for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities.

ebg-table__image PK Grill & Smoker
  • Cooking Space: 300 sq. in.
  • Warranty 10 years
  • Rust proof construction
  • Made in USA
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The grill has an ample cooking area and excellent temperature control functions. It is also portable and durable for extended service life.

It’s most notable feature is its ability to supply heat evenly, which makes it stand out from the herd.