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Rec Tec Bulls ( RT-700 ) New Pellet Grill & Smoker

This year, Rec Tec presented a new version of their pellet grill, the previous version ( Rec Tec RT-680 ) stood out with a very large number of positive comments, it was simply a phenomenal product of very high quality, malfunction-free and very efficient.

What is it like with the new version which is Rec Tec Bulls RT-700, which is slightly more expensive than the older version right from the beginning?

The new Rec Tec Bull RT-700 is a continuation of the previous series with few minor or major changes. Most of all, the style and appearance changed significantly compared to the previous version which stood out with its distinct orange color. Now the construction of the new Rec Tec is made of steel, it is not painted which also looks great.

REC TEC Bulls RT-700 Features

The new Rec Tec RT-700 has one of the best warranties among other grills. The manufacturer guarantees a whole 6 year warranty which is truly rare in this type of grill. It really is a high quality product, I’d say it’s currently the best in this price range. If you want a very efficient, high-quality pellet grill then it’s something for you. The price is high but I think that the warranty makes one feel secure when buying such expensive grill.

Of course the new Rec Tec still has a great digital controller that allows to choose temperature within 200-500 degrees F at 5 degree intervals. On top of that, it offers the ability to connect to the digital controller using Wi-Fi and it also comes with two meat probes that will allow you to easily and securely control the temperature inside meat.

The new model is slightly taller ( by 2.5” ) than its predecessor of RT-680. It is not painted in order to avoid the problem of paint peeling off or of losing colors.

rec tec cooking space

So throughout the last few years Rec Tec RT-680 was a grill that was given good ratings every day and helped develop and promote this type of grill better. Without a doubt, the Rec Tec brand has accomplished a lot in this industry and the best things is that it didn’t just stop there but instead keeps working hard in order to perfect their products even more.

That’s how Rec Tec Bulls RT-700 was made, which is a high quality pellet grill just like its predecessor, with few new features such as a smartphone app that allows to connect from a phone, two meat probes and most of all, a 6 year warranty. Such long warranty shows that Rec Tec is currently one of the best ( if not the best ) pellet grills. 


Over all those years, the Rec Tec brand has also earned a great renown for their service and customer support which is another very important thing because, after all, when you buy a new grill you want everything to be fine. How a manufacturer treats their client is also very important, and when it comes to Rec Tec, the quality of service is really high level.

Are you not sure if this model is for you ? Are you looking for something else, maybe cheaper? In that case, check out my article ( ) in which I compared plenty of different models in different price ranges. I made that guide in order to help you choose righ pellet grill. If you’re seriously considering getting a new grill then I really suggest you read that guide, you will find plenty of valuable information there that will help you avoid disappointment.

Want to learn more about the new Rec Tec Bulls RT-700 pellet grill ? Watch the video below.