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Weber Summit S-470 Review

In the world of high-quality and premium grills, choosing the perfect model is not easy.

There are so many options and different models. But not all of them can perform the same tasks. With so many unique features such as heat retention, infrared grilling, and self-cleaning, choosing the right grill can become a headache.

So, how do you know which grill to choose? The answer is simple — zoom in on the features.

If you are looking for a premium grill with multiple cooking options, a modern design, and reliable power, the Weber Summit S-470 is something to consider. Its impressive cooking space, rotisserie, and side burner demonstrate the model’s quality and fantastic functionality.

Read our full Weber Summit S-470 review below and see why it is the perfect grill for any homeowner.

Weber Summit S-470 Overview

The Weber family designs their grills with their customers’ needs in mind. The Weber S-470 model is proof of this commitment. As the newest member of the family, this grill can work with natural and propane gas.

ebg-table__image Weber Summit S-470
  • Main Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Rack Space: 112 sq. in.
  • BTU: 48800
  • Burners: 4
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What I Like:

  • What I like most about Weber Summit S-470 is the spacious, comfortable cooking area. The size of the main cooking area, including eight burners and eight control knobs, can accommodate food to feed (at least) eight hungry people.
  • I love that the Summit S-470 is loaded with burners besides the four main ones. The side burners are accompanied by an infrared rotisserie burner, a dedicated sear burner, and a smoker box with a smoker burner. Prepare steak, turkey or chicken, and smoked meats and veggies all at once.
  • Weber uses high-quality materials like stainless steel to design a long-lasting and modern-looking grill. The grate is easy to clean and offers a long lifespan.
  • Excellent customer support and warranty are some of this brand’s core values.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The price of the S-470 model is higher than expected. Despite the impressive set of features, the price is hard to justify, and in most cases, it fails to match the standard homeowner’s budget.
  • A rear-mounted infrared burner is included, but only for the rotisserie. If you want to prepare a sear on steaks, you will need a better infrared burner.

Weber Summit S-470

Design & Build Quality

The Weber Summit S-470’s brushed stainless-steel construction adds to its overall grill design, making it look firm and durable. Grill cooks like its smooth shroud, which provides excellent heat circulation.

Each burner has an individual knob highlighted with red markings. These knobs add extra points to the eye-catching appearance of the Summit S-470 and to its functionality. Each side of the grill holds six prongs from which you can hang cooking utensils and other necessary items that you might need during cooking.

When compared to other premium grills, the Summit S-470 looks sharper. Its sleek design makes it an excellent addition to any home or garden.


Performance-wise, Weber is a winner.

The brand proves why it is the best available for a premium heavy-duty grill with multiple innovative features. To begin, the Summit S-470 model’s four main burners provide 48,800 BTUs of cooking power.

Check out the power for the other burner features:

  • 12,000 BTU side burner
  • 10,600 BTU sear station burner
  • 6,800 BTU smoker burner
  • 10,600 BTU rear rotisserie working

With 468-square-inches of grilling space and a cooking area of 580 square inches (a standard size for premium grills), the Summit S-470 has enough rack space to fit anything you want.

This makes it the perfect grill for large families and one that works with natural and propane gas. You’ll appreciate that natural barbecue smell even more with this model.


Thanks to the all-new grease management system, the Summit S-470 is surprisingly easy to clean. It features Flavorizer bars, which add an extra flavor to your cooking.

These bars are designed to capture and vaporize cooking juices that drip from cooking meat and other foods. They funnel any excess into a dripping pan, making the cleaning process quick and straightforward.

All you need to do is clean the disposable tray and throw the garbage into the trash.


Weber has spent countless hours perfecting the best gas grilling system. The brand knows that assembly is something users appreciate nowadays. With precision controls and an evenly heated surface, you can rest assured that the assembly is easy.

The Summit S-470 comes with detailed assembly instructions in the owner’s manual (you can find it inside the grill upon unboxing it). The instructions are clear and explain which parts go where.

Here is one helpful video that can guide you through the assembly process and show you how to grill on your brand new Summit S-470.

Sear Burner

The Summit S-470 provides an impressive searing capability due to the sear burner in the center. When all heaters are on, the grill can reach 750°F. Crank the sear burner and the grill temperature will climb even higher (up to 900°F).

The dedicated 10,600 BTU sear burner is an excellent addition to the grill. It shows that Weber has invested in both quality and design to give their customers the perfect product they desire.

You can experience the versatility of cooking by using the different burners, all made of steel, including the sear burner.

Side Burner

The impressive 468-square-inch cooking surface along with the number of additional sections for searing, smoking, and warming of the Summit S-470 is rounded out by the side burner.

The grill features a 12,000 BTU side burner that operates with electric ignition. The side burner of S-470 adds to the already powerful stove elements, which is great news for people who enjoy feeding a hungry small crowd.

The many creative foods to prepare on Summit’s side burner include sauces, charred peppers, prepared oysters, or your favorite fruit kabobs. And it has a handy cover to pull over it when you’re not using it, which turns it into counter space.

Rotisserie Burner

The impressive Summit S-470 rotisserie burner will undoubtedly make the taste of your meat amazing. This infrared rotisserie burner, rated at 10,6000 BTU/hr, is enough for cooking crispy, delicious turkey, or chicken.

The rotisserie burner in the S-470 model is quite different compared to other heaters. The important thing to know is that you need to press the control knob for the IR burner 20 seconds after igniting the grill. The IR burner will turn on only after the entire cooking surface flares up.

Smoke Burner

Gas grills aren’t typically great smokers; they let air in and out so the smoke doesn’t interact with the food as it does in charcoal grills.

The Weber Summit S-47 smoke burner that occupies the right side of the grill offers 6,800 BTU capacity.

This smoker includes illuminated knobs that control how fast you want the grill to smoke your meat or veggies.

Fuel Type

After years of perfecting their grill design, the team at Weber finally introduced the gas-powered Summit S-470 for the premium grill market. The grill works with both natural and liquid propane gas.

You can also use a natural 10-foot-long gas installation hose to connect the tank to the grill.

Propane and natural gas grills operate equally. The only difference is their price — natural gas is slightly more expensive than propane.


The Summit S-470 model is an all-in-one grill with premium quality, high power, and multiple cooking options, and a price of around $2,000. While Webers grills aren’t cheap, they certainly deliver high-quality and modern design, something you can’t find in cheap grills that fall apart after two years.

If you want a premium grill, you have to pay good money for it. If price is not a problem for you, the Summit S-470 model has plenty of cool features you will love.

Workspace (Side Tables)

Weber Summit S-470 has a wide cook-space area of 468 square inches where you can sear, smoke, and rotisserie your food. The grill has an additional 112 square inches that make up the side table warming rack. For a premium grill, it contributes to the cooking space appropriate for preparing food for a small group of people (8-10 people).

Storage Space

The sturdy build and durable construction of Summit S-470 provides functional storage space for all the cooking and kitchen tools, and condiments you’ll need.

Summit S-470 features six spots for storing things that might come in handy while you cook. I like how accessible the storing places are — you can quickly reach anything you need.


All Summit models are durable, versatile, powerful, and come with a Weber warranty – The Summit S-470 is no exception.

Although some competitors offer an extended warranty, Weber feels they are delivering a high-quality product that doesn’t require a lifetime warranty. You should not expect to get a lifetime warranty with any grill you purchase (even if it is the most expensive model on the market).

When it comes to its components such as the stainless-steel shroud, Flavorizer bars, and aluminum castings, Weber offers a ten-year warranty.

A two-year warranty covers the paint and all the remaining parts.

Should You Buy It?

Our focus for this Weber Summit S-470 review is on the main grill features and how you can benefit from them when cooking on this grill.

The S-470 can make your food cook better and taste better. It works on both natural and propane gas, which allows you to cook at different temperatures to satisfy a variety of tastes.

The cooking area is not as big as in other more-premium grills but the Weber S-470 has enough space to cook anything you desire. You get a stainless-steel design, spacious cooking area, and four powerful burners to sear, smoke, or rotisserie your favorite food — a limited combination even for the highest-priced premium gas grills.

Weber has been designing grills for a long time. With the S-470 model, it once again shows its leadership and innovation. The brand excels when it comes to combining utility and design to satisfy customer needs.

The price of the Weber S-470 grill is the only reason some buyers have second thoughts. Just like anything, though, the model truly lives up to the premise that you get what you pay for.